Not saying i’m behind the times or anything but YUMMMM slow cooking!

So, yes, as the above may make quite clear, i’m fairly late to the slow cooking party and boy, is that a regret of mine.

Basically we got out first slow cooker last week and after 5 days of finding HUNDREDS of recipes that I like the look/sound/smell of I’m thinking of writing a list and trying to work my way through them. Think it’s the only way i’ll ever be organised enough and to avoid me over purchasing the same things again and again from the shop – they think i’m an odd ball anyway, don’t really want to give them more ammo! 😉

I haven’t got any pics for this weekends first attempt which was just a standard spag bol, a simple case of “chuck it all in and see what happens” it was delightful! The smell, the simplicity and above all, the left overs were fab.

I think this could be the beginning to a long and beautiful friendship!.



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