Plans for the weekend

Well, here we are, it’s Friday again!


I’ve woken up in a really weird mood today, well to be honest, the last couple of days. I don’t feel right but i’m not sure whats wrong so I’m hoping some quality time in the kitchen and maybe that will lighten my mood. 🙂

I’m hoping that by creating something new, or trying something different it will give me a kick up the bum to be more creative. I feel the juices have stopped recently and I know that’s because im in a much smaller kitchen and not in my own space. I dont regret at all moving in with the man but I am finding it hard……… together is a good thing and I love him so much but learning to be around someone all the time, to hopefully not piss them off by the way you live, trying to keep them happy is hard. Harder than I thought it would be and that worries me a lot, I’m so unconfident about me as a person that it astounds me someone would want me in their life unless they had an alterior motive.

In other news, I’m also looking at hopefully purchasing a new camera (money permitting) in the next couple of weeks so hopefully will be able to actually document my work and ideas as opposed to just blank pages and lots of text. So, thats today’s plan actually, get a camera…….off to Ebay I go!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and if you’ve got any crafting plans, why not drop me a line? I’m always happy to hear other peoples news.

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