The Joys of Lurve day and some of the excellent friends I have…..

So, it’s been a few quiet weeks in Half Baked Land. I have been experimenting with the slow cooker and am loving it!

Also, other fun news…..

It’s been Valentines day and my other half who isn’t really what i’d call a romantic smooshy kinda guy bought me a rose and dinner – I’m not sure but am tempted to say he’s having an affair hahaha – for those that don’t yet know my sparkling wit that is a complete joke but seriously awwwww what a cutie! am so lucky.


To celebrate the day of lurve I also made some Mars Bar fudge which is gooey and fattening, very much like myself and I’m happy to report that it has gone down very well at work and am hoping to send some to the local Salvation Army in Winton along with Mama Half Baked – aka salesperson extraordinaire on Friday.

So yeah… what else has been happening? Oh yes, I got a buddy box. Now, whats a buddy box I hear you all say – and you should be doing cos it’s mental!

Basically I had a bit of a down time in January and my lovely friend Emma decided to send me what is known as a Buddy Box. They appear to be a company who send out boxes full of treats to take part in a year of self care. Mine included such things as some yummy rooibos cacao and hibiscus tea bags, a gorgeous hand cream with tropical scents, a post it pad of self care notes, some motivational postcards, a door hanger which says “do not disturb, nap champion training in progress” – ideal for me btw 😉 and the little book of Hygge which I was actually looking at in Waterstones the other day. As per her note, this is meant to be a hug in a box and to be honest, i think it actually is. I mean whats not to love eh? So, if anyone’s interested please check out as they are a great company who help those with depression and those who need the support.


Also this week I have received a new (to me) camera. It’s a sony cybershot and the last time I had one of these it was possibly the best camera ever, it seems to be incredibly forgiving and also a great camera for my particular style (point and click as opposed to poncing around with focus/lighting etc) which is brill. Only cost me 11 quid incl postage so am going to give myself a few photography challenges to do throughout the year, wish me luck and apologies right now if my constant shutter bug style is too much!


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