Hit me with your Rhythm stick…..

via Daily Prompt: Rhythmic

So, today’s challenge is to write about rhythm. And it got me in the mood for music/dancing.

I love dancing, i mean, I LOVE dancing. It gives me great pleasure and soothes my soul. I may not be classically trained, or good at clearing the dancefloor but I really love how music makes me feel.

I have often found myself dancing, not always to the music I can hear but I often have a song or two in my head and apparently, (i dont do this too much anymore) but I used to confuse work colleagues by dancing to the music in my head…….

It often doesn’t matter what the music is, i feel that it is both calming and therapeutic. I do still tell people, if you walk into my house and i’m conducting classical, back away slowly as this is a great way for me to get my frustrations out and become my normal cheery (stop laughing all of you who know me, I am cheery, honest!) person.

I felt very lucky as a child because not only was my mum a DJ back in her younger days, but she had a huge collection of vinyl for myself and my brother to learn from, this then influenced my brother also into spinning a few discs, only in a local club on our Students night but it’s a great feeling to know that the person you’re asking to play songs for you, is on your side and will generally indulge….that’s why spanish electro funk rock became a big thing, cos i brought it over (if you haven’t heard Molotov – Donde Jugaron Los Ninos I would heartily recommend it!) and we were really lucky to have 2 hours of metal/rock and 2 hours of dance and random pop. It was a great work out and also a brilliant way to spend an evening. This does now mean i’ve been spoilt, I mean, the clubs around here (and I am going back a few years, I mean, I’m old now and no one wants to go dancing with me) from what I remember were quite specific, and i’ve never been a cool kid and there I stick out like a sore thumb. I dance for pleasure, for joy, for fun and have no problem with people judging me. I’ve noticed a lot of people down here seem to be quite self conscious and therefore restrict themselves from having fun…..The first night I went out with some work buddies just after I moved here, we were in a club and a few of us were dancing, I was dancing too but when I opened my eyes, they’d moved away to dance around their handbag, I didn’t mind, in fact it gave me more space to let loose, but god how repressed and what a boring way to live life!

The best present I got for Xmas last year was from my boyfriend, he got me wireless headphones, which means I can cook/clean and dance at the same time, the main issue I had previously was that I’d generally get caught on something and smash my mp3 or phone which is just not financially viable lol, these are amazing though, Headcandy aren’t to everyone’s taste but I love them, and to my ears they seem bassey, clear and quite good at blocking out the outside world, which ideally is what helps most about headphones. Check out these beauties!! No WIRES 😀

2017-02-23 12.13.44.jpg

One of my newer weirdness/quirks has come about from my obsession with RuPaul’s Drag Race. I now try to (most mornings) Lip Sync for my Life…..in the Lift, and it’s really fun. Thankfully i’m alone when I do this and it helps me wake up first thing but also have a bit of a laugh silliness before I start the day…..I really recommend it if anyone can, plus, gives you some nice sass!

That’s it, can’t take anymore, off for my lunch now and a wander round town to allow me to be in the music for 30 mins or so.



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