Spending a little time on the Disc….


So this weekend I have had a few hours with some wonderful Discworld people and it’s made me want to a) write a bit of a post about the obsessions I have and b) share the pics I have from my fandom years:D

I am completely obsessed with Sir Terry Pratchett’s world, I have been since I moved to Spain in 1994 – I needed things to read that I could understand and thankfully a lot of people bought me his books. I found the stories engaging and laugh out loud funny and have pretty much grown up with the books and his ideas. I like to think it’s made me the person I am, I know that certain things have been solidified in my mind because of him, the humour and human relationships he portrays of some sometimes really depressing moments have made me view the world in a different way.

Since his death I tend to go through peaks and troughs, where I go from reading everything I can find, doing the games/jigsaws and colouring to being too upset to even contemplate it…This weekend has definitely been the first option!!

I got to meet up with some lovelies from Discworld Monthly and local ish to this area which is great. I got a wonderful little gift from Lee ( a fellow fan and a brilliant polymer artist) which I have already added to my Pratchett collection and shall be worn with pride in May.




I’ve also decided to add the rest of my Pratchett photos to this post, i’ll write a little about them and what they mean to me.



The above are some of the photo’s I took of the old Shoreditch Tube Station graffiti. This was created shortly after Terry and one of his artist’s Josh Kidby passed away. I love this artwork from the old copies of the books and am gutted as I took probably about 25 more shots from this amazing piece of art and unfortunately have no other copies as the camera with them all on, broke about 1 month afterwards *sob*.

I forced my mum to go and see these with me, she’s a “landan-er” so when we went for a day up there a couple of years back I insisted that we went. I know it wasn’t really a pilgrimage for her (she is a fan but not like me haha, she has a life!) but i’m so glad i saw these. I really love this art and I’m glad I got some pics for posterity as this has since been replaced by a Star wars Mural I think.

I really love these pics, it was on a baking hot day and we’d been walking round for what felt like ages and when I saw them I just fell in love, I mean, they aren’t Josh 100% but they are so creative and obviously done by some really talented artists. I had Death on Binky as my screen saver for so long until my phone broke….there were more photos which unfortunately I have now lost (phone breaking) so if that is the lesson I have taken from this….ALWAYS download and save your photos!



Lee isn’t the only talent…above is an example of my works, I tend to make jewellery which is beaded and fairly simple/hippy influenced and last year I decided that for those who I know are into the DW bits and bobs who sponsored me to do my 2016 challenge – I tend to do at least 1 mad thing for charity each year, last year (and all those before I think) i’ve been raising money for Alzheimer’s Research and last year I managed to raise about £600 to do a tandem skydive, I was lucky as my dad paid for the jump and my mum paid to have it filmed so all the donations actually went to the charity which was wonderful – got a piece of themed work. None of it is actual Discworld Merch but I tend to use bits and bobs that just scream Disc to me and these were some of the most popular designs :D.



The above are some of the pictures I took of the Discworld Knight, this was created as part of the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta celebrations. In Salisbury they had a set of Knights, painted in different ways and you could explore the city and find them all. The Discworld Knight was in the grounds of the Cathedral and again, I’m so pleased I got to see this as the artist Paul Kidby released the picture of all of the characters for that year as “The Discworld Massif” and i’m thrilled to say I got a copy, signed by the man himself. I haven’t got a picture of that as it’s staying in the tube until I find a forever home for it.



These are some of my pride and joys, I mean, it’s my merch and I love it. All have been purchased over the years from Discworld Monthly and the Emporium. Now I know these two entities don’t get along but i’m an equal opportunity buyer so I try to make sure I get what I want, when I want. It tends to only be every so often though, otherwise i’d have even less money for frivolities like food etc!. That jumper/hoody is ratty as hell now but I still insist on wearing it, especially if we play the games or i’m doing a jigsaw……speaking of which……




My other half bought me Ankh Morpork the game years ago and it’s still a great game to play – I have others from the series but this still tends to be the one we play again and again – I am winning I believe ;-). I also have Guards! Guards and The Witches game too 🙂



I haven’t managed to get a good shelfie yet, I have so many of the books/computer games/atlas’/colouring books/models etc. I have added a really badly out of focus shot I took this morning – cocktail monday is probably not the best idea but it seemed fun at 3am! This is the top shelfie for posterity. Possibly more to come in the future.




So yes, that was a list of my Pratchett-ness. A fellow fan? get in touch, would love to see your collections and become green with envy. Not a fan – why on earth not, give it a go, you might love it………..Don’t start at the beginning though, give it a bash from book 8 or 9, they’re much more Terry getting into his stride.

Happy Tuesday All and remember if possible in life “Be More Terry”

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