Fighting the labels…..

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So, yesterday’s writing prompt was “label” and the first thing that went through my mind was the labeling we do of other people, of those around us, and the subconscious labels we give ourselves.

I hate the thought of being labeled, I mean, I’m not completely guilt free but it really winds me up when people judge you and make assumptions.

I for example have incredibly low self esteem. this isn’t a cry for help post but the way I look and the person I am inside are two very different things and nothing irritates me more than being told I need to dress up or change myself to make my way more in a work environment. I mean, who cares what you look like? Can you DO the job? thats the important thing for me and i’ve never understood the whole “dress to impress” culture unless it’s a good way of making people who don’t feel confident to make them feel even worse. I don’t fit in therefore I am lacking.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do label people. I have met people and straight away made a decision as to the kind of person they are. I know it’s wrong but i’m most often right on the money……so may be it is ok to judge?

The negative of this is (I feel) when people are labelled and decide to live to that expectation. I mean, I work with someone who is generally considered a bit thick, and they play up to it to avoid actually working hard. Nothing is actually wrong with them but they have been allowed to be lazy simply because of the label they have been given.

I think first impressions are important but I try to not assume that people will be a certain way but I am fully aware that I can be wrong……..

It’s all a matter of perception really, and people seem pre disposed to behave towards others based solely on their perceptions and education.

Some examples of this would include –

I am a woman, but I don’t want children. This doesn’t make me a bad person, or not living up to expectations. I honestly don’t want kids, never have done and would rather have a life for myself than sacrificing for others……maybe that makes me selfish, or maybe that makes me, ME.

I had a skin head, this does not make me either a racist or (as I was called almost daily) a lesbian. I have no issues with whomever people want to fall in love with etc but women are just too high maintenance for me so men are my choice.

I’ve lived abroad so feel superior to those around me, this just isn’t true. I’ve never felt superior ever, everyone has things that make them the person they are and that just happens to be mine.

I suppose the thing is to try and break the cycle, don;t accept what people tell you to be, don’t accept the things you don’t want to. You deserve to be free and live the life you want, with no labels or stifling. Be exactly what you want and screw everyone else. If you allow people to put you in a box then you’re allowing them to stunt the person you are. Break Free, do the things you want to do cos you’re the one living your life, no-one else will be able to excuse you, or make you regret things less. Do what makes YOU happy, there’s no point doing it for anyone else. I support anyone’s choice for who they want to be in life, don’t let the others in the world who are scared of that liberty.

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One thought on “Fighting the labels…..

  1. Fab post, you made so many good points. It’s too easy to live up to labels, like your work friend. (Have bern on the wrong end of the blonde label by accident many a time!) I try to avoid them, but they’re everywhere!


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