via Daily Prompt: Purple

So I’ve not been as hot on these as I would have liked, new job is putting paid to being able to sit and write as I wish so in an effort to “catch up” have decided to start on the daily prompt challenges and see where the inspiration takes me….

So, today’s challenge is to write about Purple, a thing, the colour or the mood swing….who on earth knows?

I actually love the colour purple, I mean, my font and business bits and bobs for half baked are all a really luxurious purple, I think it looks stunning against both dark and bright colours so it helps when photographing my cakes and sweets.

Speaking of camera’s though, it would appear that my bargain is now not working so I suppose it’s back to the drawing board with that…..that sort I need to charge the battery and have no idea how. I’m so modern day……………*update* yes, it did just need the battery charging, i’m such an idiot!!

So, we’re back in business with the camera and tomorrow is the start of April so will be starting a photo challenge, 1 pic every day for the 30 days and if possible I will write a little about the photo/theme everyday……..wish me luck and fingers crossed i’ll be able to get through it and not just get to day 10 and run out of time/get too involved in other things!

so yes, back to purple…..

They say that the Romans wore purple as this was a really difficult dye to create and therefore cost a bundle, maybe this is why my first blanky /cape that i purchased for myself was a pirple colour (delusions of grandeur – me?).

The colour purple is apparently an amazing book, i’m kind of ashamed to say it really but i’ve never read it, maybe this should be one of the books i get from the library next time i’m there.

here’s some facts about Purple that you may or may not know……have a read, you never know what you might learn!

  1. Originally, the colour purple came from a dye made from the mucus glands of a tropical sea snail known as the murex.
  2. The murex’s Latin name is purpura, which is where we get the word purple from.
  3. Because purple dye was so difficult to obtain and expensive to produce, the colour became the royal colour in many parts of the world and is traditionally associated with royalty and power.
  4. In Japan, the colour purple signifies wealth and position.
  5. Purple is the hardest colour for the eye to distinguish.
  6. Carrots used to be purple – as well as red, white, yellow and of coarse orange.
  7. Purple symbolizes the gay community in many Western cultures.
  8. The Archbishop of Cyprus is allowed to sign official papers in purple ink.
  9. The film Purple Rain, released in 1984, won an Oscar for the Best Original Song Score.
  10. A film called The Color Purple, which was released in 1985, received 11 Oscar nominations, however it didn’t win a single award.
  11. Purple is the colour for epilepsy awareness because of it’s association with lavender, which is a traditional herbal treatment for the disease.
  12. 26th March is Purple Day, which is a day where people dress in purple and raise awareness for Epilepsy.
  13. Purple Day was created in 2008 by Cassidy Megan, a nine year-old Canadian.
  14. If you’re born “in the purple” you are born of high or a noble birth.
  15. Forbidden City in Beijing, China is actually called “The Purple Forbidden City”, which is a reference to a secret purple area in heaven, thought to be centered somewhere near the North Star.
  16. You may have heard the “fact” that nothing rhymes with the word purple, this is incorrect. Curple is a strap under the girth of a horse’s saddle, which stops the saddle from kicking forward. Hirple is to walk with a limp and Nurple – which is my favourite one, is the act of roughly twisting a nipple!
  17. Samuel L. Jackson said that he would only play Mace Windu in Star Wars if he had a purple lightsaber!
  18. Dominica is the only nation on Earth to use the colour purple in its flag.
  19. In the garden, the perfect complimentary colour to purple is yellow
  20. The Purple Finch is the State bird of New Hampshire.

As a last and final thought on Purple, I was sad to hear of the passing of someone who whilst i’d never actually met him, did have an impact on my life. Steve James (babs) was a fellow member of a fan group and had been battling terminal cancer for the last 8 or 9 months. He was obviously in pain and suffering yet he always had a kind and supportive word for anyone, he threw i think at least count 3 christmases and a couple of new years…..he never wanted to miss out and the way he handled the illness with grace and charm will stay with me forever. A real fighter and a lovely person. He was purple mad and i’m glad to dedicate this random bit of scribble to him.

Mind how you go Steve, GNU mate.

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