via Daily Prompt: Later


I think this could possibly be the word I use most often in my life, ever.

I am the queen of procrastination and am really good at putting things off which I should do but can never find the time or inclination to actually just knuckle down and do.

I know that a lot of my problem is the lack of confidence and self esteem, I think I should do something but when the negative voices say “but why, it wont work/you wont be able to do it/it wont be any good/no-one will want this” that really hits home. i have some days when i can fight it, and others where i just let it win. It’s not right that i do this and it is something that i am working to improve but its a long process.

I keep thinking about making myself an activities calendar/starting a diary to keep on top of things but i lose steam so quickly and Later becomes the first idea for anything. There’s so much I want to do with life

I understand how frustrating this can be to some people, I mean, I don’t honestly think my mum understands sitting and literally doing “nothing” – now i mean, i’ll probably be reading, or writing, or just browsing the internet whilst i’ve got the TV on in the background but I know she thinks that you should DO things, to push yourself more and sometimes, I really really really love just doing nothing. Even when i have a pile of stuff to do, sometimes, the pull of the sofa is just too much.

So, with this in mind, I’ve decided that each day this week, I will be setting myself some kind of creative goal and at least starting it, today, I will be printing the photo for a year challenges that I have found on Pinterest and get them in some kind of semblence of order so that I can start today. There will be a daily photo on Facebook and am also creating a folder to make it easier to start.

Maybe if I get everything set up and ready to go then this will keep me driven……wish me luck!



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