starting a new plan….

ok, so it’s Sunday and really, I should do something with my life. So as a new plan i’ve decided to use the time Stuart is at work to actually MAKE myself do something. Life is short and laying around with trash tv is fun but is it really enriching my life?

I have now got some joggers and am looking for trainers, I think the best thing to do, especially while the weather is so beautiful is start to run, well, jog, well, walk fast….maybe. In my 40 for 40 I want to make something of myself, to give myself challenges which I can be proud of. There is a lot of running groups/maps of the local area and maybe this will lead to more. I dnt want to be so lazy and have no drive so his is a little step in the right direction.

I suppose I should give myself targets but I dont honestly know where to start. So i’m throwing this out there….to anyone who reads this……if anyone reads this, and can help me or point me in a way that helped them. I don’t want to go through life just surviving, I want to live and thrive and be happy. and as it stands, although i am basically happy, i want to believe that more is out there.

My biggest issue is keeping resolute, keeping at things, seeing things out and don’t really know how to change that. I mean, I started this with an idea i’d write a few times a month, maybe once a week, and what happened? I ran out of ideas to keep things moving, to keep momentum and would love to change that.

I do have things that I can write about but its a case of putting things out there. Making myself be less lazy, to try and get out of it all more.

People say that you get out what you put in and thats what I want to do, put in more to get more. I’m greedy, I do want it all.

So, anyway, to sort of come round full circle and get to the point. I want to be more proactive and am looking for help. Whre does one get the get up and go, the drive? anyone out there with any ideas? please, let me know.

I have decided that once I get some better trainers then a run/jog will not hurt and the fact im so close to the park means I should take advantage. Need to contact the runners i know, maybe they can give me pointers and once ive started then i’m hoping that this will give me drive to go further.

But yes, first challenge down. Get myself a calendar of events set up, reminders of what I want to do and try to put a timetable around it. Not much I can do really but I think these below would be a good start…..

  1. water bottle fruit infusions everyday
  2. get  new trainers
  3. write every sunday
  4. get 30 days challenges started
  5. write more

One thought on “starting a new plan….

  1. I see stuff on Instagram and it makes me get my butt into gear! I’ve heard good things about couch to 5k for running. I always make myself do the thing that’s good for me (workout DVD) before I get go do what I really want (craft!) I never regret working out, I just find the motivation part trickier. Good luck! X


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