Long time no see…..

Well, despite my last piece being about pushing myself and making a commitment to write more, my laptop has had other ideas and average life is now approx 20 minutes, which is enough for me to load up the internet, get some inspiration, upload some photos and then have the whole thing cut out.

Yeah, fun times!

Anyway, its been a busy few weeks in Pollance land, I’ve done some of my 40 for 40 list which is excellent, I’ve spent the weekend in London, I’ve been more absorbed in running and have started to work on making myself a better person…..more on all these to follow.

I don’t know how best to sum things up right now, apart from the fact I need to find a magic money tree as a new laptop (well, new to me) I believe is essential. I have found one on gumtree for about 80 quid so there’s that which helps me out, I know the man tells me to wait until I can afford a new one but honestly, that will take months, and by that time, i’ll hate everything and everyone and be completely out of touch!

So yes, despite technology getting in my way, I have been working hard on fulfilling some of my 40 for 40 and have also passed probation in my new job, its as a commercial assistant (yeah, i have no idea either!!) in the local bus company, it’s so wonderful to not be doing customer service anymore, having done that for basically 17 years of my life, I was so tired of being nice and taking abuse, it’s actually a joy to be doing a job where I can make a difference and my work is noted and influences many things. I think to be fair my job is mostly running reports and doing grunt work, but to be honest, I am enjoying it, a LOT and this surprises me as I’ve never been a report/maths/figures type of person but I am loving the new challenge and having something new to do with my day.

so, what else in life has happened?

40 for 40 update:

I have now completed a few of the things I wanted to, seeing the fireworks in Poole, I’ve taken my camera along and have been playing with exposures and the like, some of my faves are below….

I really love where I live, i’m so close to these every summer now so hopefully by the time the next summer rolls around, I’ll be much better (and possibly using a better camera!) but i’m not doing this for anything, just doing it to show what makes me happy.

I was also lucky (crazy?) enough to do a Zip line recently, my mum and I went to London for the weekend and mum wanted to do the V&A so I also thought this would be a great time for me to do that. Its a company that actually has main base in Wales somewhere and although i’d love to go there, London was more accessible to me. I also wanted to play around with night photography too as thought London has some great places to shoot, unfortunately not many came out that well, i think my camera is quite slow and very sensitive so work with a tripod and lighting/exposure is needed, but I did have a great time and for my bosses, got a photo of a bus……not sure it’s what he wanted but hey ho!!!

bus night

I will write more about my London weekend in a separate blog, there’s so much to say and show and this is just an overall catch up of news.

Saying that, I can’t think of much else to say, simply, I’m back and am hoping to be better from now on……

Hopefully you’ll hear from me soon, or not, who on earth knows!?

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