Daily Prompt: Brave

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I consider so much going on in the world at the moment as a sad/depressing and quite overwhelming, and know that a lot of people are talking about the #metoo campaign, this is my view about this and the bravery of those who fight – any demons really, not just those outside ourselves.

A therapist said to me a few years back that to fight against mental illness is brave, to listen to the voices and continue to fight on regardless is brave. I’ve never seen it like that, my attitude has always been, it’s my problem and I just have to get on with it, it’s not like i’m ever going to be “better” I just need to put up and shut up as it were, but she did get me thinking, especially in the wake of these new horrible charges against Weinstein in particular and showing how prevalent assault is…….

I suppose there are varying levels of braveness, and varying levels of what is considered acceptable and what isn’t. I know people who love a compliment so saying being told “hey, you’re hot” is a positive, I know people who if you said the same thing to them, would be mortally offended. It’s a really tough world out there and part of me feels that there should be limits but then, to implement this, means stifling people or pushing people beyond their comfort zones…..neither of which would be a good thing.

I suppose my main issue is the fact that people know about injustice (such as the HW thing) and stayed quiet…..now, I can understand a victim has the right to shout about it or not, that’s up to them but the idea that people knew and yet, kept quiet to make their lives easier/less stressful is worrying. When people have broken the rules, I would hope that the best way of dealing with it is to shout about it, not just wash things away. I have broken rules and if I were to be punished, I feel that this is par for the course. I wouldn’t expect it to be ignored if I were rich/powerful/not just you’re average Joe. I suppose it really is a quagmire, as there is no “right answer”.

I’ve seen so many people I love be damaged by other humans, this isn’t always the men vs women hurt, but people just hurting others, to make themselves better, so whether it’s standing up to your own bully, to someone else’s or simply protesting what you feel is wrong…..each of them are signs of bravery.

I hope, if nothing else, now the world is focused on this, we can all start being more brave, being braver for ourselves and for others, standing up against things we do not agree with and starting to be less worried about what people think, and more concerned about how people act.

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