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As this is about Express, I’m writing this in my lunch break, so hopefully it’ll be speedy or have about 10 lines……wish me luck!

I don’t know if it’s just me but I have spent a long time thinking about speed, of the speed of work, the speed of our brains, the speed of cars…..all kinds of speed. I know in previous jobs, speed has been considered a plus, a big plus in fact, whereas in this role I am in, it seems to be more about the quality of the work itself, which is brilliant but also mind boggling. When I first started, I would say things like “i’m sorry, that’s going to take me until tomorrow” or “I can do that but it will have to wait until x date” which, as I am so used to having things be done quickly, I felt like I was letting the team down. But I have since learned that it’s better to make sure it’s 100% but takes 2 days as opposed to rushing and making mistakes. It’s actually a real weight off to know that I am working hard and it is seen as that, not that people just expect you to run through everything as quickly as possible.

Express can mean quick, but can also be another way of communicating, I for example have a very low tolerance to b*llshit and my face expresses this – often without warning and that’s definitely not a good thing!

With that form of express in mind though, I’m really pleased people are talking and expressing themselves about so many things, freedom of expression is one of the things I am 100% behind. “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” as Evelyn Beatrice Hall wrote. I know that often it is not easy to say exactly what you want, and maybe no – one wants that but I totally am against the people who feel that because they believe something, everyone else is wrong or just because someone says something, that it is automatically fact. The joy about expressing an opinion is that it is just that, an opinion, and should hopefully inspire further investigation, chat and discourse. It doesn’t always have to be i’m right/you’re wrong though….I’m very much a live and let live kinda person.

The other type of speed I was thinking about is more of a personal thing……I’m learning to drive and am terrified of speed…..I can get to the limit but I can feel my heart racing and pounding when I do and it feels so alien to me. I’m really hopeful that this eases off otherwise i’m not sure driving and I will get on!

A random fact about the word express: The Pony Express (when it first started in 1860) had a delivery goal of 10 days – probably the same as UK second class nowadays 😉

Right, lunchtime nearly over, so, a short one today!

How’s about you? What are your feelings about any of the above, any feedback/comments/want to write abuse? Crack on, enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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