Writing prompts


Despite the fact that I WANT to write, I don’t often have the impetus, or the drive to do so, a problem with being lacking in self esteem is that often, i’ll be struck by an idea and then almost instantly dismiss it as “no-one will care” which I know is the wrong attitude to have as the more I write, the better I feel, the more I am putting my thoughts out there, the (hopefully) more readers I will garner and this then goes into a spiral effect.

So, with that in mind I have found a list of writing prompts that actually interest me (less like a school child – first crush/nail polish/favourite pop star type) and hopefully a bit deeper so that I can examine and explore myself and reveal a bit more of what makes me tick.

They may not be unique, but they will be honest, open and hopefully thought provoking, if only for me!

If you’re reading this, have a look through, see if they appeal to you, or if not, maybe just send some of your hints and tips my way.

Also, if there’s ever anything you want to say/tell me….Please do get in touch, I love to know people are reading and look forward to any feedback.

Have a wonderful day everyone, here’s hoping November is kind to us all.

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