List 5 places you would like to Visit.


Travel is something I love, I wish I could do more and now i’m old(er) I feel like i’ve missed out a bit really, it’s probably too late to throw it all in and just go “find myself” which is a shame, so in this list I have picked Holiday Destinations as opposed to places where I’d love to go and probably not come back.

These are in no particular order, just as they occur to me…..

Borneo – I’d love to go to Borneo and see Orangs in their natural environment, especially as I know that their home is being destroyed at a rate of knots so this would be something that if I could do tomorrow, I would. The country fascinates me and to be surrounded by jungle and the animals thereof would be fabulous.

South America – With my Spanglish background, I love going to places where I can speak with the locals, it helps me to learn more and feel more “part” of something…..when I was in Cuba, despite everything that happened there, I enjoyed talking to the staff and it made me feel less like a rich person simply there for sun sea and cocktails, I got to learn about people’s lives. So, with this in mind, somewhere like South America as a whole has always been on my bucket list. I’d love to see Machu Picchu, and the Amazon, and so many other things. I spent a long time reading about Che’s adventures within South America and although I know now its probably not possible for me to just drop in and wander and explore safely but I still have that dream.

Northern Lights – ok, ok, I know that isn’t strictly a “place” but it is an experience I would like to have and a friend has just come back from Norway seeing them (so maybe Norway should be my pick) and I am uber jealous of him. I am fascinated by the world, and the randomness of it and think that seeing something like that would be akin to seeing the Pyramids of Giza…..mind blowingly beautiful and something that I just cannot fathom. I have no idea what makes them, or how they work, but they are spectacular and if I got the chance to go anywhere….this would definitely be on the list.

America – currently I wouldn’t want to go to the states as I feel like my mouth would get me into trouble, but there’s so many places there i’d love to see, the White House, Arlington, Vegas, New York, the leaves changing in Maine, seeing Manatees in Florida, apparently there’s a train called the skygazer which goes through California, with like reclining chairs and full windows so you can see the beauty as you go past it…..I think that sounds brilliant….I mean, I love trains anyway but specifically being able to see the changing scenery and style of the country you are traversing is amazing. I know that a lot of the things I want to see/do in the US are due to TV shows and food programmes but it seems so massive that you can get a million experiences in one. I have a friend whose mum now lives out in Virginia and I know he says I’d be welcome there but given she and her now husband are staunch Republicans, maybe now isn’t the time……3.5 years times though maybe haha!

Italy – I think given my obsession with Pasta, I should possibly add italy to the old list. I think, maybe a new challenge in my life (once I’ve done these 40!!) should be to take some kind of holiday there where I can learn to make pasta and sauce properly? Do they still do such things? yeah, think thats already a plan haha…..hmmmmmm pasta. Ok, I do think there are other things to see/do in Italy, I’m not saying it’s only for the food that I would go, after all Pompeii looks amazing, as does Pisa and I believe that Venice is such a one of a kind place, that that makes it worthwhile. The art I have seen in the Christian religion also means this should be somewhere to see, I bet there’s probably more pomp there even than at Versailles!

So that’s the first 5 I could think of, obviously there’s a lot more out there and I’d love feedback/suggestions for the future.

Have you been somewhere you rave about to other people? Have you been to any of the above places and can pass on suggestions as to how best to enjoy the place. Do you own an Italian Cooking school? If you have any thoughts as to this, feel free to drop me a comment/like. I’d love to hear what other people have to say.

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