Write about someone who inspires you…..


I suppose I chose the above image because there have been a lot of times I have not liked myself, and sometimes, the only thing that gets you through is knowing that (not necessarily understanding) that people are on your side and will support you while you are falling. They will be there behind you when you get back up but for when you don’t feel it, they will be the ones who do.

Inspiration is an odd thing, there’s people who inspire me to be a better worker, or a better person but there’s also people who inspire me to NOT do things (I want to be opinionated and vocal about things I care about, but not cause issues/offence by doing so…..K Hopkins anyone?). There’s been so many people in my life who inspire me that I can’t really narrow it down to 1 person in particular.

My parents have both inspired me, they worked hard and that’s definitely where I’ve got my “any job is better than no job” mentality – meaning i’ve worked some AWFUL jobs but thats what you do, you have to work to cover the bills etc and I always try to make sure I’m working as hard as I can to achieve better in life.

My closest friend here inspires me, she has a fair few mental health issues and yet she is a fighter and I know if I was in a spot, she would help, in any way she could. That inspires me to be more present in the world, and to try and help others, even if it’s by tiny things. Sometimes a little gesture is what is needed, a small token to know that someone out there cares.

My favourite authors have always inspired me, I may never be a “writer” per se but they have shaped the way I think about and look at the world. They have also taught me that no matter how alone I feel in the world, I can hide within their words, lose myself from the outside and be somewhere I feel safe. I suppose one of the bonuses of moving to spain was that being the idiot, the one who couldnt communicate often meant I felt alone a lot, and reading was my way of coping, whether it was a book, a letter from a friend or even a 6 month old paper, it meant I wouldnt have to “think” and concentrate, I could just let it absorb me and take me away.

Another friend of mine who I worked with for a little while really inspires me, she was working hard, to support her family, and not really living. Yet last year, she finally decided to live her life, she’s been travelling and working around the world now for 18 months + and every time I speak with her I see how happy she is, how free she feels and what good this is doing for her. She inspires me to live life, experience what you can. We aren’t here for a long time and I think she has helped me to see that I dont want to get to the end and think “what if?” I want to get there and be pleased that I have done things, that I have experienced this world and what it offers.

I guess inspiration comes from many areas in my life, I’m grateful that I have so many wonderful people in my life who care for and support me and I hope that maybe, in small ways, I can help inspire too. I know that a pal who unfortunately was sectioned a while back and I built up a bond with her, being able to share my experience with mental health matters and I know that now she is doing a lot better, it isn’t due to me but it did help.

While I’ve been writing this, I keep looking at “Lists of Influential People” and there are a lot of names of important people on there (Churchill/FDR/Socrates/Mother Theresa/Bill Gates etc) but I’m not sure if they specifically influence me……I appreciate what they have done to make the world the one I live in today but I am also more attuned (and becoming more aware as I get older) that history is what you are told it is, people can be made influential (or not) simply by the relationship they have with the media and those in power. For me, Oscar Wilde was pretty influential, yet, for a long time he was deemed abhorrent for what he did in his private life. Churchill has always been held in high regard in this country (he came top in a poll of 100 most influential Brits) yet for me, having read about him in private life, I’m not one of his supporters, his attitude towards women and other people makes him less influential to me…..does that make sense?

Anyway, I think i’m coming to the end of my writing buzz so, again, if you’ve read this and have any thoughts, why not drop me a line? I’d love to hear who has most influenced you in life too…..maybe it’ll give me new ideas!

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