List 10 songs I’m loving right now.


People who know me are fully aware that I have never been down with the kids, or up to date with this sort of thing so I’m going to share 10 songs which I love, have pretty much always loved and hope to enjoy forever!

1. Justified and Ancient-KLF and Tammy Wynette: ok, yes, this isn’t the first song people would link with me but it’s actually my funeral song – a fact which really irritates some people as they want to have meaningful songs which say something about them, my attitude is, my LIFE will say something about me and my funeral is for other people, so i’d like them to be smiling, not sad.

2. No Good (start the dance)-Prodigy: I really love this song, so much, makes me happy, makes me dance, makes me feel invincible…..all of the above. I know again, its not new or up to date but I have very fond memories of this song in Spain, Boston and with my beautiful cousin when I moved down here – we used to go driving about every saturday, get some pub lunch somewhere and generally have a blast together. Life has got in the way now (she has children/i have nothing haha) but I’m so glad I had her around when I moved as it was a very stressful and lonely time.

3. God is a DJ – Faithless: This was one of the few songs where sign language was a big thing in, I learnt the English sign following the video (yes I am just that odd) and got one of my deaf friends in Spain to teach me the Spanish sign. It makes me feel euphoric when I hear it and no matter where I am, I will dance along.

4. Nine Inch Nails – yes, ok, i know that this is a band as opposed to a song but I start off thinking i’ll use “head like a hole”, then think about “Ringbanger”, then “We’re in this together”……and on and on (and ariston) and I cannot for the life of me pick 1 song to list, sorry but not sorry! This band was my first real introduction to not POP music…..not that I’m now anti pop (see prev choices) but this was probably one of the first times I could be in pain, listen to a song and feel someone else’s pain and in turn feel less alone. Like I wasn’t the only person feeling this way. I know that sounds incredibly dramatic but  at the time I was surrounded by people who appeared happy, set up in their lives and comfortable within themselves…..I know that actually WASN’T the case but I think everyone has had teenaged angst really haven’t they?

5. Feeling Good – Muse version: I was talking about this song the other day to a friend at work, I think this as a cover version is really special. I do obviously adore the original version but have always felt it needed more OOMPH, and then I heard the Muse version which basically gives OOMPH-aplenty!! More bass, more sex, more dirt than the original but I don’t think it’s over the top, i think it just guilds a perfect little lilly.

6: Cheap Thrills – SIA: Probably the most recent song on this list. I’ll be honest, i’m not really a big SIA fan as she tends to be a bit too high and soary for me but this song for some reason really appealed to the inner (bad) dancer. Its a song that i can (and have) listened to on a loop for over an hour and every time I hear the opening beats, i start to nod my head!

7. In these shoes – Kirsty MacColl: This is a song from many moons ago which when I moved back from Spain was one people kept asking me to “translate” for them……to be fair, my spanish was fine and I had no problems but it seemed such a classy yet frivolous song that it has just stuck with me, it makes me think of specific people and also the time of my life when I first heard it so will always have a special place in my heart.

8. Sissy That Walk – Ru Paul: I am a bit obsessed with Drag as an art form and style and this is one of the many Ru songs to appear on my playlist. It contains a couple of classic lines which speak to me and I think it should be shared simply for that reason alone……the fact that its a fun track is completely beside the point! Oh, and if you wanted to know the lines….they are: “People talking Sh*t since the beginning of time, unless they paying your bills pay them bit*ches no mind” – which I love! and also “and if I fly or if I fall least I can say I gave it all” which was what was going through my head when I jumped out of a plane last year. Anyway, if you haven’t heard it, give it a go 🙂

9. Feel Good – Hed P.E: ok, a very sweary and quite rough band but again, for some reason they speak to the angry side of me and in turn help calm me when I need it. The whole album that this song is on is great and again, it has a very special place in my heart due to the life I was living when I heard it, i’d moved back to the UK, I was in a shared house with some family, some friends and myself and my best friends (the 3 of us were a bit cult like) spent so much time in my room, being rebellious people, smoking, chatting, drinking and putting the world to rights. I miss those days simply for those people.

Right, 1 more to go in my list…..I’ll be honest, this may take me some time to narrow down, and in the meantime I need more tea. back soon

10. Puto – Molotov: This is definitely a blast from the past song, not necessarily the best but I can remember this being the first Spanish language band I really enjoyed, they are irreverent, funny and can be fairly rude but to be fair, it was all about fun together with my friends and when this used to come on in La Discoteca (the greatest thing I learnt in Spain was that the GOVERNMENT legislated that all towns must have a both a pool and a nightclub so that people had things to do) we all used to dance and sing along….then when I returned to the UK, I bought this album with me and my brother fell in love with it and it became part of our clubbing nights over here. I love the fact that my brother was our DJ, meant you always got your requests played!!


So there you have it, 10 songs I love and will stay with me forever. Do you have songs which bring back really strong memories? Or have you been swayed from one genre to another? Feel free to let me know, send me a comment or pass on any recommendations you may have. I’m pretty open to anything and the more eclectic the better……..

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