What are you excited about?


I actually have loads of stuff to be excited about at the moment…..

It’s nearly Christmas – this isn’t a “yay santa” kinda meaning, it’s that myself and the other half will be able to spend time together, relish in being in each others company and also get to spoil him (fingers crossed I can get him the pressie I want to, otherwise this year is going to suck!!). We’re also going to see my family on Boxing Day so that’ll be nice too. It’ll be lovely to have a break together, he tends to work the days i’m off and vice versa so actually spending time will be superb.

I’m hoping to get more organised next year with many things, more writing (i tend to get the bug for a week, write till my hands fall off then stop for a fortnight – ish) more cooking, more random experiences and hopefully a lot of time with my friends and loved ones.

In the coming year I’m sure there’s a lot to look forward to, some of them are below and a lot are currently unknown (probably) as I’m hoping next year to take myself and Stuart on holiday but we’re also talking about trying to move so who knows eh?

I generally get to see a few old school friends every year and I always look forward to that. We tend to spend a day together drinking too much tea and catching up on gossip of people we know and each other, always makes me smile and makes me appreciate what a wonderful group of people I have in my life.

I always look forward to the beginning of the year, it’s my birthday on 3rd Jan (all presents/gifts and cards gratefully received ;D) but also I get to open last years “good things that have happened” jar and list them all. No doubt the list will be on here and given the amount of little piles of notes in the jar (and in various places around work and my home) I think it’s been a great year.

I’m also really looking forward to a weekend in Summer when I get to hang around with a whole plethora of Drag Queens!! I got tickets as soon as they are released and am already so excited. I think that seeing some of these wondrous beasts up close will be great, not only have some of them got great stories which have touched me, but, feeling so uncomfortable in my own skin for a long time makes me quite envious that they have found their place…..plus, I get very jealous of their hair/makeup and the ability to have better legs than me and walk better in high heels! This way I get to tell them how fabulous they are (not like they need it) but genuinely they make me happy, so it’s going to be amazing to spend time with a group of people who feel the same way.

erm, what else am I looking forward to? well, i’m hoping to get more into running next year. I’ve found myself some new medals so that gives me targets to run to, the other half is buying me a pedometer for xmas (i do want a fitbit esq kind of thing but for that price? nah) and i’m looking at waterproof lightweight jackets so i’ll have no excuse but to get my behind in gear, I will run a marathon by the time i’m 40. Only 5 years to go eeeeek. I’m also hoping to take better photos, get a new laptop, tick more things off the bucket list and generally get out there and enjoy life. It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking, I just don’t want to be bored.

I suppose that’s just a little overview of what i’m looking forward to, what about you? got any plans or targets you’ve set yourself for the coming 12 months? feel free to share, it may inspire me!




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