Bullet Point your whole day….

wow, this will not be fun, for you reading it or me writing it as it will no doubt show quite how boring I am.

  • Wake up – my alarm generally goes off between 5 and half past.
  • snooze for as long as i can – I tend to get up just before 7, but it does depend on how late I was up the night before.
  • Wash, clean teeth, get dressed – try to do all this in silence so as not to wake up my other half – who works late shifts.
  • Walk to work – generally listening to music, otherwise I people watch or just get lost in my thoughts.
  • Turn on computer – whilst its warming up, go make tea/qater bottle and nip into CS to see the lovelies in there.
  • Start work.
  • periodically go into the kitchen as there may be drinks needed – also people bring in snacks etc for their birthdays so it’s always worthwhile doing a cake check.
  • continue working  – this can be so many things in my role, from checking timetables, to building farecharts, the registering changes, to creating spreadsheets.
  • Lunchtime – this generally is sitting at my desk either writing a blog post/catching up with pinterest or even reading the paper. I try to read a selection and get a broad range of “news” so will read both left and right wing papers (with differing levels of anger/sadness and downright depression). I tend to go through phases of what I eat, sometimes I wont bother, others i feel I eat like a pig…..I suppose it’s all good in moderation.
  • Back to work.
  • Inevitable tea time.
  • At 4pm I start to organise the post for this place, I frank and then get it in bags for the post office to pick up.
  • Between 5 and 6 leave the office.
  • I tend to nip home via Aldi, this means I get grab supplies for the evening or some kind of dinner if it’s just me.
  • Have a shower or bath – I tend to be in pyjamas more than pretty much any other piece of clothing, especially in this cold weather as i can snuggle up with my onesie and a book or some rubbish tv.
  • 8pm is when my partner normally finishes so I make sure the heating is on and that our computer controllers are plugged in/charged.
  • Most of the time I don’t cook for both of us, with him working much later than me, he’s basically only just had his lunch when I want my dinner so we might grab a sandwich together or something.
  • A few hours of chat/computer games/laughs or, if i’m not in the mood, I tend to head to the bedroom where I can get snuggled with a book and my fluffy blanket. The man then tends to come wake me up with a kiss about midnight as he knows reading while warm always makes me sleepy.
  • This is where I think most people will be surprised (well, those who know me know how unhealthy I am)….if i’m still awake at this time, i’ll cook. doesnt have to be a massive meal but we will tend to watch an episode or 2 of a boxset – depends on what we’ve already watched or a documentary while we much, then I tend to go to bed alone about 1 or 2 then the man will come to bed about 4 or 5.

See? fascinating no?

yeah, I know…..but that’s the challenges, I have to do them all!

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