Post about 3 celebrity crushes….

Ok, well, I did one of those Buzzfeed “quizzes” and it came up that my ideal celeb crush would be Tom Hiddleston…..unfortunately I have no idea who this person is so I can’t really comment.

EDIT – have just been informed by a friend that he’s in some kind of Marvel or DC type film, so ok then, good, that now clears it up – still not my type though!

Anyway, I do have crushes but generally they’re on odd people, not your standard movie hunk or musician….I like having special taste as I can be as open about it as I like – and get the abuse for it from some people like my bestie who doesn’t understand how I can ignore men like Tom Hardy but Bradley Whitford makes my heart flutter.

Bradley Whitford (for those of you who don’t know) is an actor best known (in my mind anyway) for playing Joshua Lymon in the West Wing (or for that matter Danny Tripp on Studio 60). He is not generally what I would call Hot and I’m pretty sure most of the attraction I have is to do with the writing and the character he played. Turns out i’m very into Democrats who are a bit dim when it comes to life matters but driven and a fighter.

DJ Yoda has to come on this list. I managed to FINALLY get to see him live last year and as soon as I saw him, I realised quite how beautiful he is to look at. It didn’t go down too well with my other half though as apparently he gets jealous… if a rich, successful, attractive London based DJ is looking at me like i’m the best thing ever……yeah I didn’t get that either but hey ho, back to my point. I asked my friend Nina to get me a picture subtly and was then mortified when she pretty much walked to within 2 feet of him and started shooting away like a Paparazzi!! Im not sure if she shouted at him to “show us your arse” or something equally attractive but I went and apologised to him and he was very sweet and gave me a glimpse of a really sexy smile….yeah, may not have mentioned that to the man obviously!!

Ok, this was never a crush but I did always LOVE Carrie Fisher. She meant a lot to me even as a kid as she was one (fairly) bad ass woman in some of my favourite films (not just Star wars either, I adored her in the Blues Brothers). Don’t mind saying that seeing The Last Jedi made me well up for the loss of her as an actor, but also a writer, a caring person, a human and a fellow fighter against the black dog.

So, last but not least I will add…..actually I don’t know. I don’t really have crushes nowadays, I see beauty but often just to appreciate it. I suppose someone like Ru Paul would be a sort of crush. I don’t want to be him but i’d love to be as glam as he is as a woman or as well balanced as he is at any point, or even just able to walk in high heels without probably breaking myself in the meantime. Not really a crush I suppose, more a hankering for what he portrays; a complete comfort in his body and as who he is. I suppose that’s why I am so into Drag as a culture, people being able to put out there “this is who I am, I am me and i’m proud of that fact”.

How’s about you? if you could pick just one celeb crush who would it be? I’d love to hear what you have to say as I did a straw poll in the office and got the following responses:

Tom Hardy

Brad Pitt

Kim Kardashian

Someone from Little Mix – literally that’s what someone said…..not even a name!!

Megan Fox

Meghan Markle

So, a mixed bag I think we can say….and these are the ones people were ok about mentioning. hmmm, says a lot about my colleagues!!




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