Think of a word, search for it on Google Images, use the 11th picture for inspiration.

happy jump

The word I chose was Happy. Suppose this sums it up quite well really, but I can’t actually remember where I was when I last jumped like this…’s given me some photography ideas though 😉

I am making a real effort to be more happy. A lot of it comes naturally but I am quite good at being happy, then letting life run me over. I’m trying to be calmer and just enjoy life more. I used to worry a lot about the future but I now know that plans are things you make while life happens around you so although I have some plans, they are not specifically concrete as I know the chances of me being able to succeed in them all will put me under pressure, which will then lead me away from the enjoyment of tasks I set for myself.

I think that’s why I keep signing myself up for small challenges – like the Colour run and Walk all over Cancer events, I’d rather build up to the bigger things I have planned as there’s so much worry about failing, and i’ve decided that the best way to avoid failure is to build up, make it  something to work towards.

It’s a tough one really, our happiness seems to be based on so many differing things, our mental state, outside factors, those around us. It can all have an effect and it’s up to us to try to still be present in the world to experience all those things but to not allow it to burst our bubbles.

There’s so many sites you can go to to find tips on how to live better or live happier and I have spent many many hours going through the searching for the secret to it all. I’m not sure there is a magic fix, especially not for things like depression and the like but I think a lot of what people say is correct. Drink more, eat healthier, take exercise, sleep more (well, for the standard time, i’m not advocating day long naps or anything), don’t let the little things get to you – all I can agree are easier said than done, which is a shame but good intentions are better than nothing haha!

I think everyone wants to be happy and sometimes, that want can be enough to make it harder. If you feel like you’re failing, or just not happy enough, then this can bring me down….so it feels like there’s a pressure there to be perfect, and wonderful. I know that this is mostly down to social media and those trying to portray a perfect life and the best thing in that instance is remember how close everyone is to losing it all. Just because someone’s life APPEARS perfect, really doesn’t mean that it is.

As you might have seen from my blog yesterday, i’m not in the best of moods currently, so if you read this and wanted to say hello, or pass on words of wisdom about happiness, or even simply to be human, feel free and apologies if you’ve read this and it’s a bit “meh”. I’ll get back to the usual low level of banter, self deprecation and other things you all know and tolerate.

Have a wonderful afternoon all. I’m going to console myself (make myself happy) by having a walk down by the sea before I go home and maybe make some cookies…..

See? Knew there’d be something that’d make me smile!!

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