Write about something that’s kicking ass right now…..

As the last prompt was about something you want to change and improve, i’ll use this as a confirmation of a positive part of my life.

I suppose there’s a lot of good happening in my life right now, I’m in a really happy place in my relationship, I love my job, I have really wonderful friends and am so enjoying 2018 so far.

In fact, this weekend (tomorrow in fact) i’m seeing my wonderful school friends, I try to see them every year and we just tend to sit, have lunch, copious amounts of tea and catch up with all the gossip. I do wish I lived closer to them as i’d love to see them much more often but at least I am lucky enough to still have them around.   I can’t wait as they are coming into Bournemouth so I get to show off my gorgeous little town (well, sort of as i’m not actually in Bournemouth anymore!!). Am hoping the weather is positive to us. It doesn’t have to be summer sun weather but walking on the beach is always fun.

What else….well, I am eating healthier, less fatty foods – they almost all contain palm oil it appears so that’s got to be a good thing. I’ve found my bread pan for the food processor so I can start baking over the weekend, which i’m actually really excited about.

It’s now a couple of weeks after seeing my friends, it was wonderful, fun, frivolous and of course, whizzed by far too fast, but we’re already talking about the next meet so it’s wonderful to have people like that in my life who actively want to keep in touch. WE had a good few hours chewing the fat (well, as we went to Sprinkles, we were more chewing the ice cream – not ideal for my eat less fatty foods plan but hey, it was a treat) and catching up. They are such lovely girls and such fun to be around. they make me feel so comfortable and like i’m still 18.

I have now started my baking fun. I am planning on making more this weekend and may actually try to illustrate the process – although I have taken some pics already of my attempts…..

Yesterday was Valentine’s day, and although normally Mr A is not at all romantic, he really pushed the boat out yesterday and he spoilt me rotten!  I’m not sure if this means i’m due a big shock or if I should just relish it. He is genuinely so kind and wonderful to me, I should probably try to be less cynical!

So as I can see from the above, there’s a lot to be happy about in my life, I wouldn’t say i’m kicking ass at everything, but i’m glad to say things are going well.

Hope everyone is ok and having a good few days, I know I haven’t been the most constant writer, but I do feel the juices beginning to flow again so that’s got to be a good thing.

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