5 problems with Social Media

social media

I’m a fairly heavy user of social media, and I enjoy it, mostly, but I have seen some problems which can arise. I think it’s all about things like tone, personal views and also the changes within the world.

Over the last few years, the world has most definitely become a smaller place I feel due to SM, I mean, as someone who is lucky to have friends all over the world, it’s a great way to keep in touch with those near and far and also to keep yourself abreast of what is happening elsewhere, unfortunately though, this does have it’s own downside.

Below are some of the things I have found to cause problems, these are all personal and therefore may not apply to those reading it but these are my ideas:

  1. jealousy – I have lost count of the amount of rows I’ve heard about/been part of because of something along these lines – “so and so liked/commented on your photo…..this offends me as I’m your partner and you’re showing off to others” or something like that. basically, my ex was very possessive and if someone (didn’t have to be male) made a comment on my page, liked a photo or worst thing, finished their comment with this symbol “x”, I knew I was in for a row, possible violence and most definitely an ongoing attitude. Thankfully my current partner is not on SM and never wants to be so he couldn’t care less!
  2. tone – it’s really tricky to pass off sarcasm on SM, I mean, if I were to write “Donald Trump is a genius” you don’t actually know what side i’m coming from. I have this issue a lot as I am very sarcastic and therefore find myself trying to cover all bases so as not to cause offence.
  3. opinion – unfortunately, it would appear that recently, it has become less of “our opinions differ but we can discuss this or simply agree to disagree” and more “if people do not agree with me 100% they are idiots” which is childish and incredibly narrow minded. There are plenty of people who I disagree with but I feel that SM has given people more liberty to say what they want and not have any consideration for feelings or for that manner, politeness.
  4. personal ideals – this is a tricky one for me, I find myself reading as many newspapers and have a lot of morals or personal views that I wouldn’t deviate from, for example, I am anti guns. I understand that they are needed in certain walks of life but for someone to tell me that to own one would be safer, I don’t see it. So I can see people who have these opinions and my attitude is to live and let live, there’s no point me getting angry trying to prove i’m right or they are wrong. I think a lot of the internet has forgotten that.
  5. assumption – this links in with the above ideas, as a lot of people assume that because you have said 1 thing, or shared something you agree with, then your thoughts must all follow suit. i.e I met jeremy Corbyn last year and to some, this was taken as “Im totally under labour’s spell” or “I’m just a socialist” or even “i’m an idiot for believing what I hear”. Now, i’ll be honest, I am a socialist, I am all for fairness in life, each person should get educated, healthcare and the like, it shouldn’t be a case of you can have this operation only if you can afford it and to me, the way JC spoke was inspiring and hopeful. This doesn’t mean I will simply follow him blindly no matter what, this just means that his views are closer to mine that those of the Tories.

Now, as I’ve said above, these are my personal opinions. People can be as abusive as they like if that makes them happy but for me, i’m much more live and let live, which is where for me, social media becomes a bit of a mind field.

There are certain people I know who will try to make others look stupid by expressing their views/thoughts or even just sharing something they think says something important. I suppose an example of this is to do with rape and men’s attitudes towards it, I shared a post recently saying that men fear prison the same way some women fear walking down the street and I got abuse for it, most people just saying I was over -reacting, or tarring everyone with the same brush but having been in the situation where walking to work a few years back at 4am I was followed by a young guy. I crossed the road, so did he, i crossed back and he did too so I rang 999 and when I explained why i was calling I got asked: What I was wearing? a mcdonalds uniform Had I been drinking the night before? No. Was I sure I was being followed and not just being “overly sensitive”? No – I mean, unless I stopped and asked this random guy why he was crossing the road after I did, no real way of telling but I digress, my point is that I was fearful and the man at the other end of the line, assumed I was in the wrong and quite honestly, that there was no point asking for help as even if he did in fact attack me, it’d just be my word versus his. Because of this, when I saw that meme, I did share it as I understand that mindset, didn’t stop others abusing it though.

Hey ho, what a world it is, right?

I suppose I have learned that it is my space, my personal views can and will be expressed upon it but nowadays, people care less about hurting you, or disagreeing, just because they can.

having re read the above, I can see that these are my own issues and the easiest way to avoid the abuse is to stop using SM, however, in my opinion that’s just letting bullies win. So what if I don’t like what you type, I will defend your rights to your own opinion.

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