What are you wearing today?

I got sent this as a question a couple of weeks ago, from someone I’d never met who I don’t think wanted the following as an answer……

“I work in an office, so today, i’m wearing black trousers, a red long sleeved turtle neck (still too cold for anything else, this is the UK after all!). I’m also wearing matching socks (a rarity for me) as I am taking a lesson today and want to be matched in case of accidents – see that nag from my mum has always struck home.”

Yeah, pretty sure that wasn’t what they wanted in return as in response I got this (and then my response to that is also below)


“Pretty sure as woman I don’t have one of those”

So yes, anyway. Moving on from the randoms (why is it that I’d like people to make contact, ask me stuff, discuss things, give me feedback and I get NOTHING but I get inundated with weirdos like that??) I suppose this is meant to be a way to give my opinions of mass production, clothes sizing and the working conditions faced by those who make them for us

Erm, so what else, I don’t wear makeup, so it’s just my nails painted, a tortoise necklace and that’s it really for today, oh and some battered trainers which really need replacing once money allows.

The weather down here at the moment is still quite changeable, I’m lucky to live so close to the office so only needed a light jacket but the sky is now clouding over and it looks like rain – frustrating as was looking forward to a little walk round the park before i head home this evening.

I am thinking about doing more clothes shopping soon, I do enjoy the fact that my weight is dropping and I’m hoping that by full blown summer I will feel less ashamed of the person I am.

I had a bit of a melt down the other day due to recently starting at Slimming World, my work trousers were too big (a size 16) and I was actually looking forward to buying a size 14, I mean, I don’t think i’ve been in a 14 since I probably WAS 14.

I went into the changing room (having picked up a 14 in the same cut and style as the 16s I was wearing) and tried them on. Unfortunately the 14s came up nowhere near my waist as they were too small šŸ˜¦ so I went and grabbed a 16 from the rack to measure the difference between the old and new size 16s and was shocked to see 9 whole inches difference.


^ exhibit A, the light pink band is the new size 16 and the darker is the older trousers – which I couldn’t get wholly into the frame, I understand smaller differences but seriously?? 9 Inches??

Turns out that’s the worst feeling “yay, i’m not as fat anymore………………..nope, still fat and taunted by clothes shops!”

Due to my recent changes made (Palm Oil Free/Slimming world etc) I should now look at the way my clothes are produced when I do purchase new ones. I think the problem I have with this is once I start then major changes will need to be implemented over my life. I think unfortunately there’s so much bad happening in the world, if you start fighting everything, you will spread yourself too thin. I’d rather make sure that my food is ethically sourced and treats animals and the planet as well as possible and then in the future, take the decision as to going vegan or organic only and then worry about whom is making my clothes, I know that unfortunately, the only way to ensure that everything I do is safe and kind, is to have a bit of a hermit life, at some hut hidden away somewhere completely off grid and lets be honest, I couldn’t live like that, it would be too much for me so I’ll just have to deal with being selfish in that aspect.

What about everyone else, is the weather where you are beautiful and summerlike or are you still huddled in the cold? Feel free (in a non pervy way) to let me know šŸ™‚ Also, if you’ve suffered the same kind of fat shaming from a shop, let me know, It’d be nice to hear that i’m not the only one!




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