What’s your skin care regime?

I keep thinking, especially due to my increasing age that I should do something about my skin, you know, take a bit more care of myself.

I suppose if I was to believe the hype of people my own age, I should start looking after my skin, but as I’ve never really worn make up, my skin isn’t really too bad. I know that ideally, I should be spending hundreds of pounds on day creams, night creams, anti wrinkle serums, sun protection and the like……now, apart from the sun care, I don’t see the point of anything else.


I know that this is a black and white photo, and everyone looks better in black and white, but i’ve always had the opinion that make up is a bit like a false advertisement….I mean, at least I know that those who love me like this aren’t being lied to about what I look like. I have had makeovers before where I don’t look like me at the end, and although I see this as a positive, others did not.

I’m hopeful, that because my mums skin is pretty good, that the genes will be passed to me, not a certainty but I think i’d rather just age gracefully.

I did consider for a really long time, a total body makeover – and boy do I mean total. The work started at my feet and finished on my head…..scary but true, I know that this was due to the loathing I felt for myself (i’ve never been confident and for a long time, hated many parts of myself) but due to rising costs and (thankfully) me growing up and becoming less hateful towards myself, I never actually followed through with it. I think back in the year 2000 it would have cost me nearly £100,000 to be more comfortable with myself which now I think of it, is terrifying as that would have been the start and then it would have been then need to continue keeping it fresh/keeping it in tip top shape.

I’m really lucky that I have so many lovely people around me who have helped me become more comfortable with myself. Not only family and my love, but also a huge variety of friends who seem to relish building me up and trying to keep me positive. I started watching Ru Paul about 6 years ago now and one of the catchphrases she is known for is “if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else” which I finally understand, it’s not about being 100% happy with who you are but accepting the person you are and then you’ll be able to accept other people, they may not be perfect but then, neither are you so it’s not about finding perfection (or for that matter, offering it) but merely being the best you can be, accepting that and accepting others on the same values.

Saying all the above, I do have some skin products that I love using. Like the Body shop body butters, some of which I love to use (Raspberry/Passion Fruit and Satsuma) there are some which I have used but unfortunately are too heavy for my skin, I like a cream which feels light and airy. I tend to use the body butters as body cream as opposed to my face but I feel that at least i’m taking some care!

I have seen that some of my friends are now part of the Younique (or the like) empire and I can see a lot of positives with this, to be fair, the ones who I see working for these companies are stunningly beautiful anyway so I think this is probably gilding the lily. What I need to make me better is to meet someone for whom make up etc is not a natural and then they can teach me the basics. I have previously said about wanting to meet a drag queen as I feel they are so good at their make up, they are bound to have tips to make me feel more beautiful! I know that you can find such info on Youtube but I haven’t even had the basic lessons so wouldn’t know where to start.

What do you think? Do you have regimes which you always adhere to? Or do you use products you want to shout about? I’m always interested in what other people use and are in love with, feel free to send me a note/review or some real info. Also, if you’re a make up artist (or drag queen with epic makeup) feel free to drop me a line.


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