Slimming world and how I find it…..

My work offered us an incentive to join recently – I work with a lot of bus drivers who are obese…’s that kind of job, but I finally decided that I needed to do something.

I’ve always felt like the fat one of the group, and I have spent so long hiding due to the past relationships taking away every part of esteem I had that the mere thought of going somewhere with complete strangers and stopping eating fun things was just scary. But bite the bullet I did and off I took myself one wednesday evening back in March of this year.

I already knew most of the basics, you are allowed a certain amount of syns per day, you must eat a certain amount of dairy (H EX A) and a certain amount of fibre (H EX B) and then there is an unlimited amount of what is called Free Food (most fruit and veg). They say to get maximum weight loss to ensure your plate has at least a third of Speed food on your plate (these are free foods which you will burn off quickly but will keep you feeling fuller for longer) and the fact that I gave up Palm Oil at xmas meant that I had already cut out a lot of the really bad stuff I was eating, however, a size 16 – 18 I appear to have been for most (if not all) of my adult life and I wanted to see if I could change that.

My mum started slimming world last year, late summer, and she has lost so much weight (not that she needed to lose much I thought but each to their own) and I figured, if she was able to do it, and stick with it – even occasionally treating herself to fun things like takeaways, or fast food, and the results were definitely showing then it can’t be that hard to stick to.

So, meeting one. I’ve never been one for meeting a lot of strangers but instantly I was made to feel welcome, thankfully there were some other ladies starting that evening so our rep talked us through the book and we went to get weighed.

First thing that shocked me about my weight is that for the last 20 years or so, i’ve weighed in kilos. So i’ve hovered about the 80 – 100 kilo mark over the years. Getting onto the scales and seeing 12 stone 13 was horrible. I felt so fat and ugly, I wondered how my boyfriend could even stand seeing me, why my friends told me I was pretty and more to the point, how would I ever be able to get back on the scales again.

Weigh in over, the time was cracking to start getting myself in gear.

I’m not going to write about each week in and out as this is meant to be about how I found it, not every experience of it but as of today 05/07/2018 I have lost just over a stone and a half, and i’ve gone down from a size 16/18 to a size 12.

Yep, you read that right. A 12. I’ve NEVER been a size that small in my entire teen and adult life.

I honestly cannot believe it. I mean, it hasn’t been the easiest, missing out on birthdays, stopping drinking 99% of the time, there were a couple of weeks where nothing happened (which shouldn’t upset me, but it did more than me putting weight on) and that I found the most frustrating. I am so happy with this though there are some negatives that I have found.

This is only my opinion and therefore I apologise if anyone reading the frustrations I had gets offended or feels I am speaking against my rep. I don’t feel I am but i’d rather be honest as opposed to perpetuating a lie.

I don’t feel like my rep is the best for me, she is very friendly, but the 3 questions I asked her about the SW way back in March have still not been answered. I’ve kind of made my own way through this and I’m sure it is just that one group. Maybe everyone else really likes her but to me she isn’t very focused and for someone to be “there for you all the way” but not actually there is a bit frustrating. As I said, she is amazingly friendly and welcoming but since she has taken over from the original rep I had (who left the week after I joined – which i’m trying not to take personally!!) the groups numbers have really dwindled.

The people within the group are amazing, really good at picking you up, and being lovely too. I think that the support i’ve got from them has been what has kept me going, they’re really fun to talk to, and are great at offering support and recipe ideas when you aren’t really feeling it.

The changes in diet hasn’t been too hard, I just have to keep in mind the changes i’ve made as now i’m at target, I can be less strict, I dont ever want to go back to the way I was though so have now taken the steps to get rid of all clothes in my wardrobe which were over size 14, so even if I do put on a bit, it will not be that much as i’m too tight to have to buy more clothes!!

So yes, overall it’s been a whirlwind excellent journey. I’m finally able to look at myself without complete hatred and I’m feeling more confident with my running, as i’m less of a lump I might now be able to work on form and generally making myself fitter.

I got my dad to take a pic of me at the weekend as I took part in another colour run. The pic on the left is me 3 years ago in 2015 (when I did my first colour run) and the pic on the right is now. I used to hate pics of me, and by no means would I now say that has 100% changed, but i’m so pleased I can see the difference and want to just be better, not allow myself to slip back down that slope again.

colour run 2015 & 2018

If anyone reading this has similar stories they want to share, or want to pick my brains about anything, please feel free.


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