Blog update

Hello all you lovelies!

I’ve been trying to sort a new laptop for the last few months now and unfortunately haven’t been able to source one. This has meant that my frequency of writing has really dropped and you may (or may not I suppose) have noticed a dramatic drop-off.

I’m still hoping that this can be sorted soon but until that point have changed my publication settings to once weekly.

I’m sorry it’s not as frequent as I would like but at least this will keep my writings happening and also will allow me more time to find a laptop (of course, if anyone reading has a cheap one for sale, why not let me know?) and to hopefully not lose completely out of you wonderful readers.

I appreciate all the follows and am thrilled that people would want to read my thoughts, I mean, a lot of them are ridiculous so it’s wonderful to be able to share and feel like people actually are on the other end of it all!

Just a quick one right now to let you know what’s happening moving forward, fingers crossed it won’t be too long before I can increase the amount of time I spend writing and therefore get more scribbles out there.


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