What I found when using Simply Cook.

****As this isn’t an ad for the company I used, a) I hope they are ok with me writing this and b) people reading this know this is my opinion so I cannot say if EVERY service is the same, if every provider of this is the same, this is just my views on a service I’ve been using for well over a year.****

Seems such a great idea, being sent spice or sauce mixes and new recipes to make fun and great meals simply by adding meats and veg……this sounded too good to be true to me to begin with but I have been pleasantly surprised with the company, the selection and most importantly, the meals.

Personally, I think this kind of thing is a brilliant idea. I love cooking, love following recipes but get put off but the small measurements of things (a half a tsp here, a dash there) which means I need everything and unless you’re Nigella, I don’t think there’s ever enough space. Plus, the recipe cards which come with the kits are easy to understand, clear and also have a small tear away section which is handy for shopping and those with awful memories.

Anyway, I signed up for a free trial and actually decided to continue it after our first box arrived.

simply cook 5

Each box contains 4 mix sets, that you can select online when ordering, this is also where they ask you for preferences/intolerances and the like. I’m fairly lucky as myself and the man have no real intolerances, just things we’re not fans of  – fish for example. So with one click of a button, all fish dishes were removed from the selection.

The recipe selection online is actually fairly sizeable. It’s not yet the level of Blue Apron (they say you can have a different box  monthly and not repeat a single meal in a year) but I’ve just checked and they have definitely added more recipes so I would say the selection is pretty good. Again, I’m lucky no fussy eaters so this may not be ideal for everyone but as this is my opinion, i’ll please myself 😉

simply cook 1
Penne aLa Rustica

I have not selected something which is massively good for vegans or vegetarians, I mean, I would say 99% of the recipes could be made with quorn or veg substitutes and there is an option for gluten free recipes too, again, not an issue for me but good for dinner party guests who may not be quite as lucky as me.

The website is really handy as not only can you customize your selections, but also favourite and discard suggestions so even if you run out of new things to try, there’s always something you can fall back on.

simply cook 3
Balinese chicken

I really enjoyed the excitement of new cooking for myself and S, he really doesn’t cook so it’s been a fun way for us to work together in a kitchen to come up with something new to us both which we’ve both agreed, is almost always yummy – and to be fair, even if it isn’t especially our “thing” it has still been lovely!

simply cook 6

Sadly, our flat is not big enough for entertaining but I think these services are great if you can find something that appeals to you when socialising. They also offer a one off box option which would be ideal for a special dinner you have planned – at least then you have everything you need even if you dont fancy cooking with the kits more often.

simply cook 2

It’s simple to cook but the dishes you create can turn out really lovely and looking much more “professional” than your normal fare (well, in my case definitely, flavour is always good with me, presentation, not so much). I did take photos of some of the meals we’ve made but I’m not the biggest fan of them so will share but please don’t be too judgemental! All the photos are mine, apart from the Featured Image which I found on the Simply Cook instagram pages and seemed very appropriate.

simply cook 4
ok, this was a veggie Iranian Stew that I added beef to – it was in the slow cooker and smelt AMAZING!!!

I do still use this service but not as much as i’d like to due to myself and S not being on the same shift pattern, we don’t eat together very much (which I do miss) and I currently have about 15 meal kits still to use, which I am doing, slowly but don’t want to start again until I’ve used those up – thankfully this gives me options for when i’m in the mood to cook or even for things that I am planning in the future like every Sunday that he now has off (instead of working every weekend day) we are having a special Sunday meal. Doesn’t have to be anything super posh, just needs to be fun, nice to eat and have great flavours, which Simply Cook seem to have in spades!

simply cook 7.JPG
Thai basil Pork

I would definitely recommend the service – they do many special offers and you can order the boxes as frequently/infrequently as you like. I always used the monthly boxes but I do know that I have stopped my account for a couple of months and then reactivated it with no issues. Simply Cook just send occasional emails to let me know of special offers or new menus being created but I very much enjoy the freedom they give me.

If anyone reading this would like to know more, go to their website, and if you wanted to get some special treatment, use the code smply.in/PB1923 and you should get some discount off your first box. Why not try it, you might be surprised and you may even learn some new kitchen skillz!

If you use these type of services already, let me know your thoughts, are you just as positive? Or am I missing the elephant in the room? Do you want to make me jealous with your better photos? Please do, the diet is good and all but I look at food and consider it living vicariously through others! Also, if you work for Simply Cook and liked my review let me know 🙂

Now I’m hungry. What’s for dinner?






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