Post about your favourite movies that you never tire of watching…..

I love films, now i’m no buff or anything but there are some films that I can watch over and over again, despite knowing all the lines, all the nuances yet, I still love them

There’s so many to chose from but I’ll write about some which come to mind, there’s bound to be more, but I know how my mind works!

Some Like It Hot – an oldie but a goodie, I tend to watch this every year and despite knowing the plot/the lines/the gags etc, I still love it. Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and the beauty of Marilyn Monroe…..cheesy gags, funky music, implausible plot yet still a firm family favourite. If you’ve never seen this film, I would recommend it, it’s brill for a rainy grey day, get cozy on the sofa with some snacks and a blanket and enjoy. Also, one of my favourite last lines in pretty much any film!

Tank Girl – I think Lori Petty is brilliant, this is just the kind of comic book that I can get into and the film is classy yet when I first watched it (more than 15 years ago – now that’s terrifying) I fell in love with the idea of fighting against the big guy. Ok, having read some reviews and what other people had to say, i can see their points, it’s not a brilliant film or great acting or anything like that but this still holds a really special place in my heart (not gonna lie, she was totally the inspiration for me shaving my head all those years ago – shame I never looked as good though!)

Young Frankenstein – I think this is my favourite Mel Brooks film (I know Space Balls is most people’s but hey, i’ve got to be a little different!!) as this is silly, endlessly quotable and something that even if it’s on at 4am on a tuesday, I will probably watch it – despite owning it on DVD. It has a lot of typical Brooks humour (*wolf howls* “werewolf??” “there wolf, and there castle” still makes me laugh every time) and despite the fact that Stuart isn’t a massive fan, i’ve made him sit through this a few times now.

The Life Of Brian – I can remember being in primary school and seeing this (and the Holy Grail) with my then best friend Sam, we spent way too long pretending to part of the PFJ and I can still remember making our teachers crack up with the references – we were possibly a bit young for them but still, decent fun and something that has shaped my humour as I’ve grown up. I’m not the biggest fan of slapstick but I really really love Python. For those who fancy a less Religious film, maybe The Holy Grail is more suited – yes I know that sounds like an oxymoron to recommend a religious sounding film as less religious but I think this might be less sacrilegious.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show – again, a firm family favourite. I’ve loved this film since I can remember, I was probably again too young when I first watched it (probably about 6 or so) mum was lucky enough to see the actual stage show in London and it’s something that I would like to do but I’ve never seen it live or gone to the fringe to see it as I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be. It’s full of hidden meaning but the songs are brilliant, fun, favourites at parties and seem to really stand the test of time considering how old it is! It’s something which is now part of my soul (and definitely my kind of musical – not too saccharine sweet, I need a bit of alternativeness).  Tim Curry in stockings is mindblowing and if anyone around me uses the word “dammit” I cannot help but follow it up with “Janet”

Finding Nemo – not gonna lie, I’m a big kid at heart and this is a genuinely wonderful film. Probably wasn’t helped that the first time I saw this, I was with friends and as soon as Dory showed up, they all remarked upon how alike I was to her (rude but accurate). This is a colourful wonderful feel good, happy ending film – has the standard Disney sad parts but still can be funny and makes me want to be either a Tang or a Turtle. Also worth noting that I watched this, every weekend for over a year (due to the KJE having his kids over at my home and he was insistent in just dumping them in front of the tv as opposed to I dunno, Parenting? – before I start a rant i’ll just say that in my eyes, a TV is not a parent substitute) and I still didn’t get bored of it. If that’s not a sign of how good this is, I really don’t know what it is.

Todo Sobre Mi Madre – My personal favourite Almodovar film and when I was living in Spain, once I was able to watch this film without subtitles was when I KNEW I had acclimatized and was able to say from that point, I spoke Spanish. Like all Almodovar it is beautifully shot, the story is set between Madrid and Barcelona (one of my favourite places on this planet of ours) and has really memorable characters and it is excellently written. It can be a bit hard to follow if just reading the subtitles but I still maintain this is a great film.

So, thats the end of the list for today, not all of my favourites but definitely some that I love and cannot live without. I know I haven’t mentioned Star Wars, or an Indi film, or any of the chick flicks which I adore but as I said at the very beginning, I tend to go in peaks and troughs for films, I’m not sure at the moment I have a decent enough attention span.

What about you? what’s the 1 film you’d recommend to anyone? or a film you love but also cannot stand? I’m always happy to hear and if it intrigues me enough, I may just try and find it 🙂



2 thoughts on “Post about your favourite movies that you never tire of watching…..

  1. I love seeing posts like this! It reminds me that there are some great films I should probably still watch.

    Im going through my own movie renaissance, watching films I know as an “entertainment buff” I should have watched already but haven’t got around to. This is mainly to prevent me watching Battle Royale, Aliens and The Departed on loop until I shift free of this mortal coil.

    Some absolute favourites of mine (outside the ones mentioned above and excluding Marvel films) are:

    Leon: The Professional – The hectic love story (yes) of a hitman taking an early teen girl under his wing after her family are slaughtered. My personal favourite Luc Besson number. Jean Reno, Gary Oldman and Natalie Portman are all fantastic, a great story and some beautiful cinematography make this a must see.

    Misery – my personal favourite Stephen King film adaptation (sorry Kubrick, The Shining was great too) mainly because James Caan and Kathy Bates are both amazing, I love how the mood switches from relief to oppressive and anxious, and the sheer ingenuity of using one small room as the setting for a large portion of the film gives it a rarely seen sense of claustrophobia without excessive close up shots.

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