Glitter makes everything better…..

via Daily Prompt: Glitter

Yes, that is the theory. Glitter makes everything better. I mean, kids party? Check. Eyeshadow? Check. Cake? – so longs as it’s edible – Check.


But then I often wonder if it’s all to do with style over substance, I mean, we’ve all done it where we look less than celebratory, or had a cake that just needed that extra little bit, and I often wonder if I try to mask the less beautiful outside instead of focusing on the more gorgeous inside.

I often tend to fall out with my mum about this, as she is very much into the dress to impress and you should always be confident in your clothes and demeanor, especially when it comes to work/socialising, however, my attitude has always been that people should judge me on my morals, my character, the things unseen as opposed to seeing that I don’t have my hair cut every couple of months or the most up to date wardrobe and therefore judging me for it. I mean, I get it for some jobs you HAVE to look the part, however, I should be measured for my work ethic and not the fact I have a new handbag. I would prefer in life that my friends know I am kind, and caring, and a bit of an idiot as opposed to being cold and yet having great clothes.

Maybe I have a fear of glitter? I mean, I do know people that are really anti glitter, lets say, an old boss of mine used to hate the fact that it “got everywhere” and being the mature well defined adults that we were, this was an excuse for every time we were able to abuse his fear (xmas cards, birthday cards, leaving cards, covering his car, putting bits in his hood etc – yes, yes  I know, we’re horrible people and we’re all going to hell)

*****important note, I have just looked up the FEAR of glitter and I’m really loving this! – sparkalophobia*****

Since I was looking this up, a colleague of mine (who is incredibly girly) started gushing about how much she loves glitter, I think it adds to her charm (as well as completely making my point) as she is very lovely looking, keeps herself in shape and is obsessed with Shoes……….maybe I just didn’t get the Girl Gene? Who knows? Anyway, for me, although I am not scared of glitter, I find it misleading, like make up and push up bras. Things which give the impression of one thing whilst diverting from the truth and that’s what I tend to dislike. I prefer the truth – no matter how ugly – than the beauty of a lie.

So, there you have it, a fairly pointless little chat about Glitter and how all that glitters ain’t gold.



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