Talk about your tattoos and the meaning of them.

This really won’t take long as i’m one of the few people I know without any.

It’s not as i’m against them per se but I know that something I love now, may not be the same in 10 years time and to be frank, I don’t want to get something tiny and then inevitably get it covered by something else once my mind changes……down that route, madness waits.

I have a lot of friends who do have tattoos, not all to my taste though and I do worry that even if I found something which I did love at the time, I’d soon change my mind and want to change it and unfortunately, the way these things work is you may have a tiny tattoo but if you want it covered, it can become massive very quickly.

I’m not anti tattoo’s per se, I don’t understand some people’s choices (I mean……honestly) but that’s one of the joys of humanity I guess.

A friend of mine has some really amazing artwork, colourful, very her and everytime I see them I think how beautiful they are, but then another friend has a massive piece on her back and it’s hideous (and on her back, so if it was lopsided or spelt wrong or whatnot, how would she ever be able to tell before it’s too late?).

I was lucky enough to live very close to a tattooist when I lived in Spain, we used to hang out quite often and he let me sit in on some sessions with other people. To be fair he used to have a lot of pot around so i’m surprised that his artwork was actually beautiful but also think this was an excellent pain control for those being inked!

I think i’ve decided against it, if nothing else, because it will hurt. I’ve never enjoyed pain and I feel that this would be too much for my fragile little self, although if I were to get something, I’d love to get something Terry or Discworld related. One of the books focuses on the gods and demons of dwarf mines, one of which is called “The Summoning Dark”

summoning dark.JPGT

he Summoning Dark is a pan-dimensional creature and spirit of vengeance from dwarf mythology. The Dark’s mine sign rune is described as like “a floating eyeball with a curly tail”. The Summoning dark is one of various “Darks” that occur in dwarfish mines – among these are the Following Dark, the Calling Dark, and the Long Dark. The Summoning Dark is described as the worst of the Darks, something a dwarf would call upon only in the most desperate of circumstances. Traditionally, light keeps the Dark at bay – for example, in Thud!, the dwarfs of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch place candles around a version of the sign in order to contain it.

Mustrum Ridcully told the Patrician that he believed the summoning Dark to be be a quasi-demonic entity that was untold millions of years old. It came into being at the beginning of the multiverse, but as it drifted near no major accretion of belief (such as the gods), it tumbled through the void, semi-sentient and bereft of purpose.

This to me in the book signifies a powerful entity, which normally uses the host and then destroys it, the whole point is that Sam Vimes overcomes this, fights the Dark and brings out his own powerful quasi entity “the watchman” – “who watches the watchmen? He does” and the Dark leaves him with this mark. It shows a battle fought and won and a battle which could have broken you and that is why if I were to have any, that would be it.

+++++DRAGWORLD UPDATE – 24082018+++++

So, I won a tattoo!!

In the last week my friend Claire and I went up to that there London to a Drag convention, which was awesome and I will be writing more about that very soon but I entered a competition to get (what I thought) was an autograph of a queen of my choice, turns out, it was that but for it to be tattooed upon my skin.

I didn’t actually get it as was too scared – I didn’t know where I would put it and all I had going through my head was the JOHN HANCOCK from the Declaration of Independence size (plus, not sure my parents would ever forgive me!)  but thankfully, Claire is much more of a brave person than me and we both got to meet our favourite queen for her to get herself signed and then inked.

Look how amazing it looks!!

I think from watching her, I have decided if I got the chance I would probably get something done, but i’m still in the same confused boat as to where/what I would get so nothing to worry about there mum haha!

Feel free to try and sway me in the comments, do you have any tattoos? One’s you regret or are happy with? Send me pics, show me art. Get involved!

Have a superb day anyway! x

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