Put your music on shuffle and write about the first 10 songs….


  1. JEALOUS OF MY BOOGIE – RU PAUL: ok, this is a new ish favourite but definitely a favourite. In fact, i’m surprised that only 1 Ru song came up on my shuffle. I’m not saying all of my music is this fabulous but I think this is a fun song, i’d dance to it at a bubblegum type of place, i’d expect to be surrounded by superb queens and drinking something oddly coloured with way too many accoutrements.
  2. THE HAND THAT FEEDS – NIN: My life long (well, 20+) year long obsession with the NIN continues unabated. So much so that last week I saw they were playing in Paris (one of my favourite cities) and instantly signed up for ticket pre release. Chances are the cost would be prohibitively expensive and would put the kibosh on my plans but i’m incredibly jealous that Mr A has seen them a couple of times and i’ve never seen them once….I mean, how is that fair? This is a good song for running/first thing in the morning, it’s got such a driving sound to it, it makes me move and makes me smile, all in equal measures.
  3. FLYSWATTER – EELS: I genuinely love this song. A few years back when I was in a really bad funk, I got the chance to walk on Hot Coals for charity, I raised a fair amount of cash, had an absolute blast, broke and arrow with my throat and walked on temps of over 400 degrees C. I was sat at home that evening listening to old songs on shuffle on spotify and this came on, with the line “And if you think you won’t Walk on coals………..You will” made me laugh and everytime since then, makes me think of how great I felt afterwards, how I felt I could do anything. This has since become one of those songs where if i’m down, I will make myself feel stronger, just by playing it. Plus, since I really heard this, I have read some of E’s books,and they’re pretty great too.
  4. BONGO BONG – MANU CHAO: I could listen to this man’s voice and opinions for HOURS! I spent a lot of time in Spain listening to his albums and when I came back to the UK, I was really excited that one of my closest friends had the albums too, they became part of our everyday life and I still enjoy the instantly preppy, busy music, it makes me want to salsa around and lay on a beach, all in one!
  5. PSYCHO – MUSE: Again, another great song for anger/running. I find that to drive me I need an underlying level of fury as it gives me drive to push myself further to get it all out so I suppose this is actually a healthy song haha. I am totally obsessed with Matt Bellamy’s voice, I think it is stunning and although this isn’t my favourite Muse song, it is most definitely up there.
  6. CRAZY LEGS – HED P.E: A song from the old days. I can remember listening to this really most nights (after or before Manu) at that time in my life. Makes me laugh and want to go out clubbing – yes I know clubs wont be playing that kind of music but it’s so funky it makes me feel like I could still go out and bust a groove!
  7. HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER – DAFT PUNK: Not only do I love Daft Punk like very few other bands, I’m still happy to listen to their albums from start to finish, in full and when I hear this song it makes me smile. I loved the fact that a few years ago, at a girls night, the original version of this came on and someone said “what, someone has ripped off Kanye???” – an excellent example of both the joys and pitfalls of working with really young people!!
  8. NO GOOD (START THE DANCE) – PRODIGY: This is still one of my favourite songs, I loved seeing the Prodigy, I loved dancing on the beach to this and it’s always sat with me as a great pick me up. I don’t need nobody to make myself feel good and this is one of those songs which I play if feeling down about myself to instantly get me feeling more pumped.
  9. CHEAP THRILLS – SIA: I’m really not a Sia fan, she seems a bit ballard-y for me but this is a great fun little song, less shrieky =more funky. Plus, the video is great too. This was a song that I heard on TV and had to find out more, there’s something about the beat which just soothes me!!
  10. JET AIRLINER – STEVE MILLER BAND: The West Wing introduced me to this song, it’s fun. frivolous and always makes me think of travelling and jetting off somewhere. I have made sure that everyone I know who is going travelling has a copy of this song and it makes me smile to know that a TV show has made this happen and has influenced me in more ways than I could ever have imagined.

So, 10 tracks on my shuffle, not all my favourites but songs I love. I try to have songs which make me happy on my phone at all times, I tend to listen to a lot of older music (i’m very out of touch) and want to learn more, i’m happy to listen to anything (classical/jazz/country) so if anyone has any songs you just can’t live without, why not drop me a line and let me know.

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