What are you currently binging on Netflix?

I loves me some Netflix. It’s such a great idea for a TV on demand but also full of a lot of new and independant shows so there’s always something new or fascinating to watch.

I tend to watch 2 sorts of things, trash (which I watch alone) or more superior shows (which I watch with the man).

At the end of last month one of my most binge-worthy shows (Ru Paul’s Drag Race) ended so I’ve only got the last 2 or 3 series to re watch (and believe me, that’s something i’m very capable of!). Apart from that, what else have we watched?

I loved Breaking Bad and the follow up/spin off for that: Better Call Saul is brilliant. I did have my reservations as to if it could be made into a sufficiently “good” show and to be honest, I think it’s great. I don’t tend to think of it as a precursor to the BB series but more of a stand alone, which for me is good as then I won’t expect as much (I’ll be honest, the first couple of series of BB were not my faves and if I didn’t have the full box set, i’m not sure I would have continued it….but that’s my weirdness).

We spend a fair amount of time watching series, I loved House of Cards but we kind of fell out of practise with it at the beginning of series 3 or 4 and need to re-watch it to be able to catch up – like I say, it’s clever TV and needs to be fully absorbed.

Designated survivor is another like House of Cards, we stopped watching it to wait for the next series and by the time that happened, we’d forgotten everything!!

Another good thing about Netflix is the amount of smaller dramas and series they show, I know that the way the Netflix model works is to buy/produce dozens of series and some will continue and others won’t – i’d have thought it depends on money made from the first series, at least there always seems to be a decent variety of stuff. No matter your taste or style.

I think Netflix is a really great idea, £5.00 per month for programmes we watch a lot and a huge variety of films and TV shows as opposed to the Beeb (which we only ever watch the Masterchef, the Apprentice and Match of the Day) for £150+ per year. I think if we had to pay the same for Iplayer as opposed to the annual rip-off, we would happily do so. I do object to 99% of the programmes being shown do not appeal and that they are fast becoming a propaganda machine as opposed to balanced and unbiased, but anyway, I do think that the joy of “contract” tv means it is in your control, and more money is spent by those companies to purchase or produce their own shows.


We’ve finally caught up with the rest of the world and we watched Dead Pool last night…..Bloody brilliant and so longs as you’re happy with the irreverance, then it was pretty good. It seemed to amuse the man more than me but we do have slightly different tastes so that’s all good. It certainly wasn’t awful and now i’m ready to catch Dead Pool 2!

****update 2****

I also noticed Gotham is actually back on normal TV, we managed to watch the first 2 series and apart from both of us having characters we weren’t fans of, some of the casting on this is simply divine so am also looking forward to catching up on that when we get time……and hopefully we will actually still have time to have a day or two out in the real world too!

If anyone has any good suggestions as to things to watch, let me know, I tend to watch any and all genres so what’s the last thing you watched and had to tell someone about?

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