Talk about 5 things that make you laugh out loud.



I love to laugh, it really is one of the most brilliant ways to stay happy and to lift yourself out of a funk.

I know it’s not easy but with laughter, fake it till you make it does actually work. If i’m ever down then I tend to use a variety of things to pick me up, laughter is something that I actively miss when it is absent in my life so it is imperative that I have things which make me smile throughout the day, if I don’t I know life will be much harder, narrowing this list down to 5 things may be tricky.

Laugh out loud funny…..

My boyfriend, he makes me laugh (not always at him either) a lot, in fact that’s one of the most fun things about him, is that we do make each other laugh and it can be teeny giggles to full on belly laughs. One of the first things I fell in love with him for was the ease in which we can make each other laugh and smile. Even when we’re just sat next to each other on the sofa, we try to make each other smile from stupid tricks, to rubbish jokes and even worse impressions, either way, I love the fact he makes me smile more than almost anything else.

I often find myself laughing at stupid tv, such as Taskmaster or the like, I love silly things and it tends to be the odd-ness of programmes that entertains me….so not things like “you’ve been framed” as slapstick isn’t my thing at all. I suppose in my life I am quite silly, and I like to see others in the same way. I do enjoy being serious but sometimes, just stupidness needs to be happening!

Sarcasm tends to make me laugh. I’m a very dry humoured person with a bit of a twisted streak so I can go from Loving social media to absolutely hating it in a matter of seconds.

The longer I spend around humanity, the more I laugh because otherwise i’d cry and i’m not sure I could stop. My depression comes from a feeling of guilt and sadness (not that everything’s my fault as it were, just that’s how I’ve always felt, like i’m in the way, or taking up people’s time or just being in the way so I know my sense of humour can be dry and self effacing, which to me is funny, not so much to others) I keep being told off for putting myself down in jokes but to that I have always responded, if someone is going to take the piss or be offensive to me, i’d rather it be me, so this way, I save time, so I suppose, I make myself laugh? does that count?

Ok, i’m saying it does.

1 more thing that makes me laugh? hmmm. I’m not sure really that I can think of one off the top of my head. I’ve re read the previous list (above) and to be honest, they are the main things, I’m sure there’s other things, i mean, I smile a lot and try to be as happy as I can be (not always obviously as wouldn’t be able to do that without some serious meds) and I try to take the positivity in life and use it. My happy jar is an excellent way of remembering things which make you smile over the year.

What things make you smile or laugh? Is there something you have which is a failsafe? Feel free to drop me a lin4e and spread some happiness into my life too!

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