A golden wishlist

have read a few people’s wish-lists recently and I decided I’d hop on that old bandwagon.

Basically a wish list is exactly that, things you wish for, things you would like and often a good way for people who want to treat you, or are looking for some kind of gift for you (birthday, wedding, bat mitzvah etc) and this can be a good way for them to know.

I’m not saying that everything I list here is something that I must have, but things that I enjoy and therefore may help people pick something more of my style than just the inevitable Blah gifts from someone who is buying for you simply because they have to.


One of the most frustrating things I find is that if I see things that people may like, I buy them…even if it’s for no reason other than, this might make someone smile, no matter when or what it is. I like sending a gift because i’ve wanted to send a gift, not because that is the “accepted” time to get presents for people. I feel like i’m alone with this to be honest. It gets towards the middle part of the month of December and then you see towns full of people rushing around stressing to get some tat for their best friend’s next door neighbours mum. I really do not understand the buying simply for the sake of buying and am also very low maintenance, if someone wants to give me something silly, that makes them smile and makes me smile, I love it.

I’ve kind of thought about this list and split it up into various little things I love, this might help or it might hinder. I’m not saying if things aren’t on this list, that I’m not interested but if someone is stuck for an idea…..this will probably help.

Pithy comments on things…….

I try to be funny most of the time, sometimes I succeed, other times, I’m the only one laughing while others look at me like I’m an idiot.

I won’t let that stop me though as I enjoy laughing, makes me feel happy and I am most definitely a fan of bad puns, dad jokes, silly saying and as above, pithy comments on stuff.

So whether it’s a pad, a mug, a tee or even a poster…..if it has something on it I appreciate, or find funny, I am sold!

I suppose most things like this are things that people have found online for me. I’ve recently started spending time on Etsy and there is such a variety, from clothes to pads, to things that I would never use to things which I could try and get into my life on a daily basis (my current work mug is covered in West Wing quotes. They always make me smile and despite the fact no-one else knows what my mug is on about, it helps me get through the day. šŸ™‚

Drag Race things………….

I am a huge fan of both Drag in general and the TV show “RuPaul’s Drag Race” (if you haven’t seen it, it’s kind of america’s next top model but with men in dresses – most of whom can walk/wear make-up and dance better than I can but it is full of love and colour and campiness so again, very appealing to the glittery parts of my soul). I think i’m most into the freedom it offers and seeing people be the most authentic they can be is really uplifting. I wish I had that level of confidence but am glad to say that I am becoming more like that.

I do have some merch bits already but there’s a lot of sights and queens I haven’t really investigated yet. Etsy again is still a great place for things but a lot of more established queens have their own websites so therefore I have spent a fair amount of time browsing to see what appeals to me.

Crafty things…………….

I love having a good craft, there’s so many things I wish I had the time to do, I’d love to be able to draw, or paint or (I suppose especially in this instance) write a more absorbing and interesting blog for those reading!

Anyway, I digress. I love a craft and have spent a long time making both foody type of things and also crafting, making jewellery, origami and making things at home as gifts. I know where I’m living right now it is not ideal for me to have all my crafting bits and bobs available (hence the reason a fair amount of my stuff is in my parents garage until we move somewhere a bit bigger).

Ideally when we move, myself and the man have talked about a 2 bedroom place. I know he wants a man cave kind of space and I’m fine with that as this will mean that I get both the living room and kitchen to myself and that means that the things which have been up until now pretty much relegated can be restarted!

I got into adult colouring last year and the man and I both bought each other the same book, it’s a book of letters (probably actually for children) but we’ve both agreed we would like something silly as a coat of arms or over the bed kind of thing (you know, like Home Sweet Home or the like) but haven’t come across anything that suits. I’m leaning more towards something in Latin but once we know, we have a lot of ways we can create this artwork.

I’m hoping to make some cross stitch things for some friends as gifts. I’ve found some simple ones and am just hoping that despite me having not a huge amount of talent, that people will be happy to receive them!! – hint, if you are a friend and you receive something homemade from me, do me a favour, pretend you like it šŸ˜‰

Kitchen utensils……………

As with the previous, I love crafting and adore messing about in the kitchen. Making new things, perfecting old recipes, playing with flavour etc, they all tick my boxes and when I have fun things to use in my kitchen madness, it makes it much more fun!

I do have a good selection of such things in my kitchen but I know that some of the best silly gifts I’ve ever been given are kitchen related. I got given some Death Star ice-trays and love using those. I have some cookie cutters in the shapes of animals (well, it had a moose included in it and I’m proper into mooses) and those cookies taste better than the standard rounds! I swear they do anyway.

I’m looking forward to once we move having some more room to share it about. I know that the man will have his space for his bits and bobs and I will have the kitchen area to finally spread out and go mad!!

I found a lot of these through Amazon or online. I’d love to be able to find these things locally and recently more places have started selling such things but again, sometimes the most random fun things are only found online – if you’re anything like me, you tend to realise you need them (having never realised that fact) and then find them online at 3am on a Tuesday after a long evening and when I should really be in bed. Not always the best idea but they are at least fun!

Fandom bits………

Those who know me, know how obsessed I get with things. Whether it’s Star Wars, the Discworld or Drag Race I get on board and try to become completely engrossed.

I do love the special feeling I get inside when I meet a fellow fan. I like feeling like we’re all part of something together. When someone see’s my librarian badge and says “OOK!” I know that there will be people looking at us like we’re the biggest idiots in the world but there will also be people around who feel like they belong, or are part of something and sometimes, when I’ve felt totally alone the best thing is knowing that some people are around and part of your tribe really helped.

One of the joys I have with the Discworld is that it has spawned so many silly little things, like the bugs (above) they sit on my desk and are cheap simple things but have made me smile when i’ve been down. Sometimes it’s the little things like that can really help.



So there you have it, my wish-list. A pointer towards things to get me if you ever need inspiration haha!

If anyone else has such a wish-list, feel free to share, I love seeing what makes other people smile and it also helps give me gift ideas in the future.

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