The Happy Jar 2014

As you may (or may not) know, a few years back, I was going through a really dark period and I came into work one morning and found an empty large jar on it with a sticker saying “Good things that have happened in 2014”.

I still do not know who gave this to me but for once, I thought i’d give it a go. Putting in things that made me smile, or made me happy and then I could see at the end of the year, how many wonderful little things had happened to me.

I am quite a negative person generally so one bad thing can for me wipe out 20 good things. I could have a great day at work, be really happy with friends, know my boyfriend loves me but then get home and accidentally drop the eggs i’d bought for tea and that would wipe out all the good things, all i’d focus on would be the bad.

I should note, when it came to writing these up, I came across some that I could not understand – the sentiment or more likely the writing style – I was definitely drunk so i’m not saying the list below is IT, but the majority of my thoughts.

I have removed any that I feel are not for public consumption or to protect others but below is the list from 2014. I have done it, pretty much every year since and I actually get a lot of help from it. I’m hoping that this might help other people, if nothing else, give it a try… might be like me and pleasantly surprised with the results.

****I should say, I wrote this list from the bits of paper i’d scribbled on so they are not in any order – do not be confused by the fact that Xmas is mentioned throughout!****

Another skittles night with mum and the olds
2 shows in 2 days, I must be mental!
Finding a new birthday buddy
cooking a massive roast with my love
Gemma helping me with the Bourne academy booking
Charlie saying my hair looked pretty dyed and down
Lovely texts from my man
Smelling flowers – one of the most feminine things ive ever seen you do……..S
Evening at mine with Mayes. So pleased shes getting better
Winning the Boofle
Phone catch up with Bird, miss her so much as always
Day out In southampton, lovely lunch and then an ikea wander
Lazy weekend with Stuart, takeaway and the shield
Competa Hills, god i’m so bloody unfit
Stuart coming and picking up baxter
Calling the bake off winner, second year in a row 😀
Slowly getting better in heels
Snow over the pyrenees
Talking tv with Becky and Jose
Wearing the earrings mayes bought me last year
Brilliant Halloween plan
Cumberband Hammersmith
Getting cake orders from work
Rooster teeth t shirt for stuart
the 90s were not good for us, yeah, we were teenagers so probably just out getting pissed ….Heather
Nice evening with Anna and Andy, love it when its stress free
Tea and delights from mum and dad
Lunch with B, we’re both going on holiday 😀
Afternoon fun with Jack, random afternoon of fun at mine, so pleased he’s settling
week off sick from work, felt rough but the rest did me good
Mcmanagers meal
Long internet chats with Becky, im so lucky she’s in my life
The meeting, so glad its over, they didn’t hate each other and it wasn’t awful
The commitments, 17 or so years on
Talking rubbish with my boyfriend, he makes me so happy
Shopping with mum, we didn’t argue once
Stuart agreeing to come to my birthday meal, means so much
Xmas day with the man, wasn’t perfect but he makes me so happy
He loves me, he said it, and I actually think he means it!!!!!!!
90s trivial pursuit with Heather, way harder than I imagined
Danielles beach party, lovely friends silly chats and a great evening
long bank holiday weekend with him, makes up for the shitty week and makes me feel safe when he hugs me
Helping Jackie with emails and payroll, think she appreciates me, most of the time lol
Finally telling mum and dad, was terrified but they took it well
Tesco munchie shops
Orange is the new mac team in london, like making new people laugh
Getting my phone back yay
Phone calls to Sandra, she talked me through my nerves and always believes in me
Working the day with dad, he works so hard it’s nice to help him
good to have shift running responsibility
bus chat with Gemma on our way to wallisdown
Polly, I need you to play WOW, im getting my arse kicked by a maje……Dan
Lewis’ massive birthday gift, most random and unexpected surprise ever!
Slight welsh racism towards Josh in london
New Mc-uniform and badge
girls night at mine, Danielle, Sam, Gore, me Caroline and a very embarrassing game by danielle
Night in with Ali and Danielle, real shame they are both leaving but happy for them
Watching ladyboys with Stuart at the thai fair
Watching breaking bad with Stuart, having more things to talk about at work with Harry and Dylan
A wholly lazy day
Found this spoon sir, excellent work laughs
Sandras great meatball
Mum being a sales person extraordinaire, 25 quid from the stroke club, need to get her on commision
stealing cows, sex jailers, fun times and witch burnings, just another eve of chatting with Becky
Im like the new Gok Wan, white, straight and a girl but you know what I mean….Danielle
I’ve missed the blue sky over the Competa mountains
Crema catalana and an evening meal with Gore and Lewis at La Rueda in london
Cocktails with Lewis at the Jug, love pina coladas
Evening drink with mum and dad in the sun, nearly dropping my drink and causing dad to question my dna……again
Trash Tv, recorded hours and hours and hours
Planning a day out with em in 2015
Is it wrong I always think of Vetinari whenever I see Charles Dance
all about that bass, a song to make me smile
new mouse onesie
The last leg Israel and Palestine explanation, 2 half brothers and one wont let the other near the fridge
Talking about a future with Stuart, never done that before
Going to london for the mc-exam
met Andrew Neil, no one else knew who he was….awkward
Gori giving me baking bits and promising cola cao
day out with mum and oldies to salisbury market
Already booking events for 2015
Casa Brasilia, lovely managers meal and night out, excellent meats
After glasto brekkie with Mayes, miss my breakfast buddy
fish food/rocks/stuarts pocket and bag fillers throughout the summer
lifting fighting children out of the restaurant
phone chats with Sandra, cant wait to see her – it’s been so long
Night in with Oli, Chris and Mayes, miss my rias buddies
Will I am has a self flushing toilet
Finally reading American Gods, awesome
Passing the first aid course
Firemen’s balls
Baking and selling goodies for work
People actually caring about me at work, Tania and Dean, a lovely couple
Mayes popping over for the evening
I will make Half Baked work
Tekken 5 at work, let the button bashing commence
Danielle and Ali coming over, seem a really happy couple
Remember the “Tache of trust”
Lovely Anabelle at work, seems so nice and am glad things are sort of working out for her
creating a website
Mayes and Stuart seemed to get along on her birthday, really pleased
Mayes saying she likes Staurt cos hes so much cleverer than the knob jockey
Breaking bad, second time around is still awesome as theres so much I missed
Opera, sunsets, eiffel tower and fireworks…….made me cry
“We’re going to wet ourselves” – Gore – possibly we’re going to get wet lol!
Danielle wanting to go dress shopping with me, love the enthusiasm
Spending time with Mayes, so pleased she’s in my life, no matter what happens, she makes me smile
Text from Oli, really glad he hasn’t forgotten me
Helping Austyn with the McPlanet/McPlant champions emails
good bunch of work buddies
breaking bad and football chats with Harry at work
Im in hearing sight of the neighbours………….hearing sight???? well I dont know the word……….earshot??? Would I lie to you
3 massive lemon drizzle cakes for the sally army, went really quickly too
Paris zoo with mum and dad……….are those emus or ostriches
Learning grillside eventually, well kinda, at least I can now make a mac
Ana and chris’ snuggle sleeping
Lewis, Gore and I being village people
Glad to have so many friends in spain, means I can use and abuse them all and have more holidays
Lots of love from KT, Rach, Zahra and Becky so lucky to have them – great to catch up. Miss their beautiful souls
Beautiful presents from Becky, she is so talented
Men who treat women like that deserve to be shot anyway……..Castagna
he said he feels lucky, to have me, I dont get it but it feels amazing
finding music from my life on spotify…….thanks lewis
Ladies night with Anna and Mayes
Hearing that many rubbish men use the line about women being lesbos when they wont sleep with them
random music nights with Lewis and Carlos
Gore helping me in so many ways, she’s so lovely
Savilles beach party, nice to see the old gang
bad dad gangsta dancing from Dan and Bonden
coffee with Danielle and Kat in costa, going makeup shopping
avoiding the rain with mum in kfc before heading to whist
we really are a pair of stylish mutha fu*kers
Kat coming round for tea, loved my chocolates
Sally army craft fair
night at Hannah and Kerry’s, loads of fun, lovely house and introducing them to catfish the tv show \o/
loving waking up cuddles with my gorgeous man
the venetian hotel in vegas actually gets more visitors per year than actual venice – blows my mind
dancing to la bamba with Lewis, Gore and Glemy
kisses on my forehead
10 miles walked at work
Mayes reckons that Stuart feels the same about me as I do about him
long weekend with my man
taking Anna and Andy a pie and having an eve putting the world to rights
I live somewhere amazing, I get to see the sea everyday
orders from Rosered for Record Store Day
Mastermind audition, cannot believe I got that far, here’s to the next time
cute shetland pony in the paddock near the uni
7 episodes of the Wire in 1 day, obsessed? Us? Never
seeing the giant chalk man on the way to sherborne
guess the car make and model with mum at kfc, god we’re cool
Beautiful Jess saying she’d have stayed if I was in charge
Massive congrats to Bianca and Wayne. So pleased she’s happy
Apple and caramac pie for Nuno, glad he likes my baking
Carlos cooking pesto gnocchi and chips for lewis and I
“i cannot believe how you pull off being a nice person to customers when you actually hate!” – Lewis
In Carlos’s phone, im Super Polly
Great birthday present from the man, no i’m not cooking crystal meth
do you want the cheap bread too? No, we’ll just take that one instead………feeding the ducks with S
He wants to be part of my life, makes me so happy
Its not abuse, it’s banter – Brady
fluffy dachshund in sherborne, looked like it was floating
Planning a Parisian extravaganza
Lunch at the sally with mum, Liam and Bird. Chips and cheesecake
starting a chain reaction inappropriate boo at the JK show
Lewis’s obsession with the Power of love (or fuerza de amor)
Ali says i’m really good at customer service
Morning cuddles easter sunday and monday
Smurphy getting her divorce papers, good to see how strong she’s become
Monty Python and Red Dwarf quotes
Chugger saying I looked fantastic for my age, good thing he was working for the blind charity
Making people believe tesco was open on easter monday
I wore my panda glasses for you – Dan
helping set up Stuarts Ipod, sad reason but glad we got it done
Mayes coming over for the evening
cocktails in the jug with JingJing
Lewis going downstairs/behind the sofa after too many tequilas at mine
RSD help and HBP being there as well
Getting away early from Pickets Post
Happy by Pharrell sounds loads like smiling faces by gnarls barkley
drinking a pint in 20 mins, “did you neck that???” no, I just drank it normally
Treating mayes to a mccys……..she’s so lucky
new food processor from dad, loads of attachments, not sure if hes robbed a bank or what
sitting in the bastille cafe, on bastille day, having a brandy with dad
therapy actually seems to have some benefits, not everything but better than nothing
he always hold my hand, even when its cold
day of baking in the summer, windows open and music playing
Bofinger meal, possibly one of he best meals ever – broad bean gazpacho, scallops and mushroom risotto and crème caramel
But I haven’t told him Jesus likes Croutons!!!! – Bird
looking forward to being a manager at mcdonalds
bus trip to sherborne
Mojitos at casa de lewis
wandering round paris with dad, good to see through his eyes
Pete saying i’ll make a great manager after the child fight
glorious sunshine and later starts to enjoy the sun
picnic with Stuart in the new forest, pastrami and beautiful sun to sit in
looking at hotels in Paris, not hostals, actual hotels
seeing Becky and Martin, I know she was embarrassed but am glad shes happy
coffee with Kat and Danielle, lovely girls
birthday party with pals.
Liam with his tea cosy head, didn’t win the bet but worth the look of the carol shops workers faces
great drive with Glemy, Gore, Lewis and Liz
im so lucky to have Stuart in my life, makes me feel like a better version of me is possible
mum loved her birthday presents
breaking up a fight at work
Real men, walk away from explosions
pre easter sale at home oaks
lovely cousins night with Heather
even though he was in tenerife, it was still carlos fault lewis broke his leg
baking madness
drinking with S, odd but remarkably comfortable
good to see mama rosered at the shop, taking in cakes for her and chris, putting the world to rights over tea
being able to keep up with some of the kids on child genius
he said he feels lucky to have me………………….him, lucky to have me???? i’m the lucky one
welcome to the world little evie (Sausage), congrats Kez and Fitzy
helping mum and dad move
Wife swap USA “i dont do seasons”
birthday party with oli, anna, andy, lews, carlos, kerry, hannah, josie, rich at mine
cuddles before we leave stuarts as “we cant say a proper goodbye in the car”
afternoon cocktails with liam and bird, then probably hassling people on the bus
abuse to some is fun to others – Andy
bacon and egg bagels and baguettes for breakfast. Hmmmmmm
Dan B’s emoji game, I dont even need to play yet am hailed as a genius when I help out
he loves me, he loves me, he loves me
flurry days with Danielle
believing what he says to me for a change, maybe he does find me pretty
good n new curry house at abduls, multani chicken and cheesey lentils – meal with Liam Bird Mun and Dad
hug from lizandra when I was stressed at pickets
girls night at Josies, she cooks like a dream and we all had a laugh….savile, zoe, josie, me and mills
bad dream about glemy prompts a 6am text, glad shes ok
im much fatter than you, even if I breathe in….yeah but your boobs are massive -caitlin
jackie wants to make me a manager
all you can eat italian with mum at southampton
love being surrounded by youth at work, im kinda like a mum and a cool cautionary tale
nice eve at lewis’, not much bbq but many mojitos
homemade lasagne and bigfoot eve with stuart
love seeing the people I love get on, really pleased
miss seeing oli, really chuffed he came into work to see me as a surprise
reaching the top 3 😀
spotify bingo
just taking what I want from him, I love feeling more confident
making bath bombs
I might move again! – do it and your son can deal with it! Love helping mum
a very talented bar staff at the dancing jug, they actually know how to make cocktails
saturday night with anna and andy
tea cosy head!!!!!!!!!!!!!
starting the managers course

its been a great year

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