10 things which surprise you about people

this will be tricky, do i do this as “things about humanity” or things about my friends?

1) the way people feel the need to stress…….. like its going to make any difference to the people lives, “i havent slept for a week while working on this project” basically means, you’ve been stressing and making yourself ill for a work project……….NOT WORTH IT

2) the hypocrisy of some people………a lion gets shot (not nice i agree) and people are up in arms, surely the fact that people are starving to death is a bit more important?

3) the futility of terrorism……it never works yet it still happens

4) ex smokers/new veggies/vegans etc……..im happy youve made a change in your life, but theres really no need to keep trying to tell me i need to change mine, i like my life and if i need to change it, I will, not because i suddenly get bombarded with people saying “ive done it, so you can too”

5) that even after all this time, people still get judged for what they look like, when will we learn?

6) that no one has invented jet packs yet, tomorrows world promised them to my parents, so where the hells mine?

7) that people bother to be my friend, im not a nice person yet there seems to be some who ignore that and try to find a nice inner me.

8) sometimes, the kindness of strangers makes me cry, people are (in my opinion) mostly bastards, and then someone will come along who is generally nice and that puts my opinions in the dust.

9) that people still expect that their vote counts, i mean, it does and i feel everyone should be made to vote, even if its to ruin their ballot paper, thats fine, but im really shocked at the amount of people who vote and have no real idea what they are doing. ive had so many conversations with people who feel that because their parents voted one way, thats the way to go, or because a party says they’re going to do something that appeals to you doesnt mean you shouldnt investigate what else they’re going to do. actually, my post should be that people dont get taught these things anymore, and very few actually take the time to be interested in their own welfare.

thats it, ive finally reached the pinnacle of this………my biggest thing about humanity is this………..

10) how can people not have curiosity, about life, the world, the way we live, others on this planet, how things work, where things come from how things are made. Im such a nosey bugger but im also naturally curious. i dont understand people who are stupid and happy about this fact. those who revel in ignorance really arent my type at all. my brain is always working and fizzing, i like taking on new challenges and learning is always close by, even if im watching tv quizzes i like to think im improving my brain. so yeah, that astounds me, that people dont always have as pulp said “a thirst for knowledge”.

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