Write about 5 things that irritate you….

how bestto narrow this down to 5? this will be tricky

the top 5 things that wind me up about humanity in general, please dont be offended if i mention a group you belong to, this is just my opinions and thoughts.

1) PARENTS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> parents who feel that because they are parents they are better than those who choose not to have kids, i mean, ive been having sex for a fair few years now and have never had a kid, that takes more work than actually popping some out. plus, parents who do not control their kids, I was brought up to respect people and if i didnt behave, I was punished, i was smacked and my parents knew that if i was allowed out somewhere then i would behave. I hate parents who simper at their little darlings while they behave like little bastards. Parents believing that their child deserves better than everyone else, at the tax payers expense. Ive paid into the system and it winds me up so much seeing parents pop a couple out and then moan that they aren’t given enough. if you cant afford things, dont get them! also, parents who are wild and impetuous in their days before kids, yet when they have kids somehow transport themselves into holier than thou types, its like ex smokers, theres nothing worse than an ex smoker telling you to quit, its my choice not to have kids so dont tell me im wasting my life by enjoying myself.

2) SELFISHNESS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I know that a lot of people can be selfish, hell, even me, but it really winds me up when people are selfish for the wrong reasons, self preservation is one thing, cruelty is another. Everyone has a bit of me me me but ive had the misfortune to meet a lot of people who feel like that when it would really be easier if we all worked together. like politics for example, everyone i know moans about the government, but people i know who dont vote still moan and frankly they have no right to, if you dont use your vote then you have no leg to stand on when moaning about the outcome. theres a lot of problems in the world that would be saved if people cared about themselves a bit less and about others a bit more.

3) IGNORANCE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>again, im not saying everyone but theres a difference between not knowing stuff but being open to learning and being intentionally stupid and being pandered to because of it…..ive seen many girls do this and it makes us all as a sex look more stupid, we’re fighting to be treated like equals and some girls still want to live in the 40’s esque way of battering ones eyelids and waiting for a man to fix it. also, since when have we celebrated as a nation the stupid people, Joey essex is genuinely thick, and we seem to think that this is a good thing, and a good thing to show the world, every year our education system sinks lower and lower on the global scale and we dont see this as a problem? freaks me out to be honest.

4)INTOLERANCE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>funny that this should be on my list of things about people that irritate me, after all, this is my intolerance! I like to consider myself quite care free and laid back, if you want to be gay, straight, bi, have it off with animals, quite honestly, i dont care, if you want to worship one invisible imaginary friend over another, again, thats fine by me, just stop using other peoples fear against them, groups like Britain First make my blood boil and the people who adhere to that kind of rubbish do too, but then people tend to believe whatever they get told on facebook, so if they read that a 97 year old vet has been abused by muslim/islamic/gay/purple people then they will just believe it, as opposed to actually having an open mind that maybe they’re reading and signing up for propaganda and thats it. people need to learn that we’re all ona very small rock and unless we stop trying to fuck each other up then its going to be a very sad lonely and more importantly short time that we’re here.

5)HOLIER THAN THOU >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> i’ve already kind of touched on this above but it needs to be more detailed. I have a problem with ex smokers, wild children who then went on to be parents, people who become vegetarian and people who seem to warp from 1 reality to another and because you dont, you’re considered in the wrong. When i left school (yes many many many moons ago) it wasnt considered normal to have a kid straight away, at least not in my family, it was sort of assumed you’d have a few years of enjoying yourself and growing up before you agree to a life long commitment, however, for the last god knows how many years whenever im asked how many kids i have, when i answer none im asked why not, whats wrong with me, do i just not care, do i not want a council house, do i not want to pass on my stress and neurosis to someone else, do i not want someone to look after me when im old and quite frankly its rather insulting. im making a choice for my life, it has no affect on yours. same with ex smokers and ex meat eaters, im happy for you, youve made that choice, good for you, what really pisses me off is the messages i get from them, god i feel so healthy, i would never allow myself to do that ever again, you people are murderers (thats from the veggies) last year, a mate of mine and i had a steak night evening, then he got into a relationship with a vegan and therefore lost his balls and decided to be veggie to win her over, again, im cool with that, each to their own and that but then to be preached at by him about having a bacon sandwich when hungover it becomes a bit much. its like people stop doing something and then become ashamed of what they used to do. I get that sort of, i mean, im embarrassed by things in my past and id like them to be forgotten but im not then going to tell people who do the same as i have done that they are wrong for doing it. if people choose to do something for them, then great, its totally up to you. ex smokers really grind my gears too, again, great! you no longer smoke, good for you, dont then come into my house and preach at me about the amount of damage im doing myself…….i know and i dont really care. im not uneducated, im well aware that smoking damages you, as does drinking and eating meat, and crossing the road, and fizzy drinks, and eating chocolate. its like those adverts on tv to make people stop smoking, i used to light up in protest because how i choose to live/die is exactly that….my choice. and as for poor smokers, they’re now more social pariahs, paying through the nose and being made to stand outside every pub, so if you dont smoke, you have to walk through a group of them to even get into a pub…….some kind of divine retribution there i think haha!

so yeah, thats the list (for today, it’ll change in 5 mins probably) apologies if you dont like it, but as i say, its my feelings and my opinions only, im not saying im right and everyone else is wrong but just that this is my page to say what the hell i want about anything i choose so if you dont like it, kindly keep the thoughts to yourself haha!

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