The shutterbug addiction begins…..

So yes, I finally have a camera, well, a better camera which is an absolute bonus. Recently I’ve been working with a Canon I bought years ago but theres something definitely wrong, as soon as I take 1 shot, the machine shuts down and tells me to change the batteries which is to say the least frustrating and to say the most, really F*cking annoying!

Anway, slight rant aside I have finally found a decent, cheap and more to the point as far as i’m concerned a great little camera. I used to have a sony cybershot years back and that was probably the best camea for someone like me who is very much point and click unlike my dad who has a lense for every occasion and can spend ages just finding the right shot, it’s really forgiving which means that even though at the moment i’m no Testino, I could have pictures to be proud of, so when I got the opportunity to own another one,  I jumped at it.

It arrived on Thursday so I haven’t really had much of a chance to use it but I went out for a wander round the park next to Casa AlderBart and had some fun.

Today’s encounters with nature included a very filthy swan – muddy and not the usual pristine white beauty we’re used to. A dead fox, no i didn’t decide to capture that for posterity but it was on the rail tracks yet still very much in tact so maybe we can all rest easy telling ourselves they had a non painful heart attack or something. And a seagull, actually eating something it’s meant to (as opposed to out of bins or people’s chips!), a crab. It was pecking away at something and despite picking it up and wandering away from me once it saw me snapping away, I think I might have got a good shot of the bird with it in his beak.


I also took a fair few shots of the greenery and plants in the area. I also went and actually saw some bits of Poole I’ve never been to, I went to a lookout point which it turns out, actually overlooks the whole of the city, very beautiful and once I am more confident, definitely a place I will return to and hopefully get some great shots.

I’ve also ordered a new usb so that I can directly download my shots onto the computer, so this should help me with my blog as finally I’ll be able to add a little bit of prettiness to the otherwise dry text.

I’m thinking of starting tomorrow with a beef stew in the slow cooker, The Man is working so might as well have a bit of a play. Might even have a go at dumplings too! oooh get me.

So yeah, stay tuned folks, this could be the start of something beautiful, or when it goes wrong, an hilarious example of how not to do it 😀

One thought on “The shutterbug addiction begins…..

  1. Good luck! I’ve almost given up on my promise to myself to learn how to use hubby’s camera, I must try harder as I’d like to take lovely photos of my crafts. Looking forward to seeing your photos! 😊

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