30 Day Film Challenge….

Ok, Ok so I know this says 30 day but I’m thinking a better way to do this would be to share the list of challenges, then address them all in 1 post, it’s probably better that way as opposed to a 2 or 3 word answer over the next 30 days. So, with that in mind….

So, lets begin at the beginning…..

My Favourite Movie?

I’m a bit stuck really as I don’t really have a specific favourite. The best for bringing me out of a funk is Finding Nemo, my favourite Pixar creation and still better than 90% of adult films out there.

I love Some like it Hot, that’s probably a favourite classic film and if anyone out there hasn’t seen it, I heartily recommend it, it’s silly and completely improbable but that’s what makes it such a laugh, and of course….Marilyn.

I’m also a massive fan of Tank Girl, Lori Petty is a girl after my own heart. I actually have it on DVD but when I was flicking through the channels on TV at about 2am the other night it was on and it took real willpower to not stay up and watch it!

The last movie you watched?

Wow, we don;t tend to watch movies that often at home, it was probably Guardians of the Galaxy (pt 1) or…..Oh yeah, I watched the Fifth Element the other day…..I proper love that film, great costumes, great acting, excellent music, well worth it!

My favourite action/adventure film.?

Would anyone say that The Fifth Element is action? I don’t really watch that many action films and am struggling to think of something which would work…..I’m not even really that much of a Bruce Willis fan so that’s not helping either!!

ooh, hows about Fight Club? That’s action(ish) right? Bloody love that film. The twists, the turns, the epic cast, the soundtrack. I really enjoyed reading this, despite the difficult writing so when it was made into a Film I got really excited, and it didn’t let me down.

My Favourite Horror Movie?

Again, not really something that I’m aware of. I’m not sure I would consider The Silence of the Lambs to be horror but I do love that film. Or the original Ring, that was freaky when I saw that…..fair enough I was probably 17 when I watched it but it has stayed with me. I find a lot of real life quite terrifying so maybe that’s why I avoid Horror films?

My Favourite Drama Movie?

Another toughie for me, I suppose films like the Shawshank Redemption or Schindler’s List should go here. I mean, they are both amazing films. I really loved the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas too. All a bit depressing and not really any films that I’d watch again and again but excellent stories and very engrossing, which I suppose, is the point.

My favourite Comedy Movie?

God, there’s so many great comedy films, I mean, I adore Some like it Hot but as I’ve already used that film I think I should try to highlight others that might have slipped you by. Young Frankenstein is a classic Mel Brookes film, I know most people would probably pick Blazing Saddles or Space Balls but this is definitely my favourite.

We were watching a documentary about OJ Simpson the other night and it reminded me how much I loved the Naked Gun films….so quotable and easy to get sucked into, if they don’t make you at least snort with laughter then there’s something really wrong there!

A Movie that makes me happy?

There are literally hundreds of films that make me happy, now whether its me smiling or sobbing throughout, it’s all about the end result no?

Some examples of this are……

despicable me 2, we watched this on a plane back from Istanbul and it was surreal laughing and knowing that people who weren’t engrossed in their own headphones could hear the result but not the cause of hilarity. That and it’d been a fraught few hours so was a bit hyper, think that helped me not go completely insane and was brilliant to have a release.

At the other end of the scale we have Life Is Beautiful, which we watched as part of an ethics lesson whilst I was living in Spain, myself and my friend (nicknamed King Kong as he was massive) were watching together and both ended up sobbing in a corner while the rest of the class looked on, maybe they all had hearts of stone but I think it was an excellent example of a sad film but a brilliant message…..even with a child as one of the main characters which has always tended to put me off rather than anything else.

A Movie that makes me sad?

Edward Scissorhands makes me sad. Every time I watch it, I suppose simply because I feel sorry for the people who don’t fit in. Films where people suffer or feel alienated always tend to tug at my heart-strings, as I say, as someone who often feels uncomfortable in their own skin, that is just a common feeling.

Also, I hate this but films where the film makers WANT to make you feel sad can affect me to, Finding Dory has a really sad part in it and yep, don’t mind admitting it, it had me welling up almost straight away.

A Movie you know practically the whole script for?

Any Monty Python film, I’ve watched them time and time again and could almost quote them verbatim!

He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!

Your favourite Director?

I tend to not have specific favourites, I mean, I really like Quentin Tarantino. Pedro Almodovar but I’ll watch anything really 😉 I’m not a snob.

Your favourite movie from your childhood?

Monty Python and The Holy Grail was something me and my best friend Sam watched and acted out  – yes we were that weird. But I still love watching them now, I mean, just cos it’s a film for kids does not mean adults shouldnt watch it. I mean, a few months ago I watched Aladdin – the Disney version – and I loved it. It made me laugh and actually made me consider Robin Williams as a really really great actor.

Your favourite animated movie?

Probably Finding Nemo, or another cartoon like Aladdin. There’s a fair number of Disney films that I’ve never seen so my choices are limited. I really enjoyed Ratatouille, that was a lovely fun film and I suppose The Beatles Yellow Submarine was another film that I liked a lot as a kid. Havent had much of a chance to see it since but yeah, great film!

A Movie you used to love but now hate?

I think maybe I don’t have any films I HATE, I mean, even if I did hate them , I can’t imagine having liked them previously and then changing my mind so much.

Your favourite quote from any movie?

“Osgood……I’m a Man!” “well, nobodies’ perfect”

The first movie I saw in theatres?

I can remember seeing Fern Gully at the cinema, but have literally no clue as to if this was the first movie I saw….I mean, we had a little Cinema in Boston where we lived and not much else for fun so cinema used to be the first place we’d go for fun.

The last movie I saw in theatres?

Mum and I went to see Finding Dory earlier in the year….at the Lighthouse in Poole, well worth it.

The best movie you’ve seen in the last year?

blackfish – yes, I’m late to the party but it was brilliant and shocking at the same time.

A movie that disappointed you the most?

I love the book for Red Dragon by Thomas Harris. got really excited when the film was made and insisted that my best friend Matt came to the cinema with me, even though it really wasn’t his cup of tea.

If I could have left halfway through, I think I would have.

Your favourite actor?

So many great actors out there…..currently obsessed with Richard Schiff, Kevin Spacey (ouch, this did not age well!) , Idris Elba and other such beauties.

Your favourite actress?

Lori Petty, Marilyn Monroe, Sarah Poulson, Sandra Bullock to name but a few.

The most overrated movie?

Lost In translation – i mean, really? I totally have no idea wqhy so many people raved about this film!!

The most underrated movie?

Dogma is amazing, and funny, and poignant and so many people havent seen it. if you haven’t…..do it, you wont be let down.

Your favourite character from any movie?

Tank Girl, she made me want to shave half my head, live in a post-apocalyptic world and do bad things with Kangaroos – well, most of those things haha 😉

Your favourite documentary?

I’m a bit crazy for Micheal Moore’s work. I havent seen the newest documentaries but I love his style and he speaks to a very liberal part of my soul.

Also, if you feel the NHS isn’t amazing, watch Sicko then come back to me.

A movie no one would expect you to love?

I really liked Battle Royale, surprisingly.

A guilty pleasure movie?

Hmmmm, guilty? Nah! Just a cheesy pleasure: Rocky Horror or Little Shop of horrors. I love these musicals and it always stuns me that I can go years without seeing them yet remember the words and sha-duup-ings within seconds!

Favourite classic film?

I enjoyed Nosferatu, and The cabinet of Caligari……think those probably count as being classics.

Movie with the best soundtrack?

Any Tarantino has a brilliant soundtrack, but then again, so has Tank Girl, and the musicals I’ve listed above, so any of those things really.

A movie that changed your opinion about something?

Blackfish – I suppose I was naive when I thought that animals were cared for and treated better in zoos (well, in some zoos etc. like Prague Zoo – that place is STUNNING) but seeing the despair and sadness that these animals experience is just heart breaking. I love the fact that I’ve now seen a Polar Bear less than 2 ft away from me but would rather animals were left to their own devices in the world……the problem with that thinking is though that we are screwing the plant at speed so maybe putting them out there to be hunted etc isn’t much better.

Your least favourite movie?

Anything with Kids in it (sorry parents out there). They freak me out so whilst everyone else is loving films like ET or the Goonies, they just leave me cold.

Obviously, I’m always happy to get suggestions so if you think you know a film I should watch……drop me a message!

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