Day 2 – Your Favorite Quote

There’s so many quotes that I adore, some for fun purposes, some for the depth and the way they make me think and other times just because i’m jealous someone came up with the eloquence that I cannot!!

I’m not sure if I have just one favourite, there’s so many great things that have been said over time that work for certain things and others for others. I have decided to share some of my favourites below, they won’t be the only ones but those which stick out to me for various reasons.

Ok, i’ll admit, a few of the above are not the most serious but I do feel that they speak to me.

I try to live my life and be the best I can be but I know I have flaws, have made mistakes and sometimes do fall but for me, the importance is to get back up and get on with it – thanks Latrice!

I really like the Pratchett quote at the top, “No one is dead until the ripples they caused in the world die away” I love the thought that even once i’m gone, things i’ve said/done or made will still bring my spirit to life in other people’s minds. It’s a good thing as I’m not a religious person so I would like to imagine that even if there is nothing after death, I’m still not totally gone.

RuPaul has become a big influence on me in the last few years, I know that i’ve always loved drag and the ability they have to stand up to so much abuse and still go “this is who I want to be” and I love the fact she preaches about love being a vital thing, both for others but more importantly for yourself. I spent a long time hating the body that I am in and it took me a long time to realise that this is me, there’s no point hoping for change to happen to it, I may as well accept and embrace myself and I found, once I did that, I became happier as a person, as a whole.

I have lots more inspirational quotes, including a recent gift from a stranger, a copy of Lin Manuel Miranda’s “Gmorning Gnight.”He has spent a long time on twitter it appears sending out positivity every morning and night, these can be quite trite but he is a very talented writer and the little positive tweets obviously hit home sometimes. I’m tempted to share some from the book but am just picking at random for now. We shall see!

What about you? do you have a quote or comment you live by? or something you’ve heard and love the idea behind?

Feel free to share, am always happy to hear from people 🙂

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