Day 4 – Your Dream Job

I always used to have 1 major answer for this, sadly, the way the world is going, the chances of me ever being able to do this is very slim so I have in the past few years spent some time considering other options, maybe not as a standard job but maybe in the dream state of lottery win = never having to “work” again but what would I do with my time?

I should say that I’m actually in a really fun job, it can be stressful and attention to details is a thing, it’s not glamorous but it is incredibly rewarding to be surrounded by such talent and quite honestly, some of the cleverest people I have ever met. Plus, they seem to accept me as a non bus geek as much as I embrace their geekiness!

I can remember that there has been 2 jobs that I’ve always thought if I got the chance, I would do. They are both very me and a bit odd, I’m not sure anyone would want these jobs but most definitely, if I won the lottery, I would be doing these things as soon as I could!

First and probably my oldest want: LIBRARIAN

I think sadly that modern day librarian is not what I want to do, there seems to be so many groups of noisy activities which now take place in libraries but the thought of being in a peaceful, light, bright and airy room, surrounded by books and being able to share my love of the written language would be exactly that, a dream.

I can remember when I was at secondary school, we had a great library and the amazing librarian there was always happy for me to go in on weekends/holidays to spend time amongst the shelves. I loved the idea of being surrounded by books and knowledge – to be fair, she probably enjoyed having someone doing the dusting!!

Like I say, I know that this is a romantic view of it, sadly now I’d probably be the one being asked for computer advice or tidying up after some kind of toddler noisy play.


Second and a more recent job that i’ve found out about and I simply need this, if I ever (or anyone who loves me wins the lottery) I would love to go to Borneo or a similar area and then work with Orangutans.

I adopted an Orangutan last year (Okto) and no matter what happens, I’d love to protect these adorable creatures who are being destroyed due to humanity just being humanity.

okto 2
I mean, look at this beauty!

These lovely (cuteness overload) creatures amaze me, it may be the Pratchett influence but I think just looking in their eyes you can see the link to humanity and they just tug my heartstrings.

So, yes, those are my dream jobs…….unless of course someone like Thomas Cook decide to create a “Caribbean beach and cocktail checker” vacancy, what about you? Do you do a job you love or is there something you’ve always wanted to do, just not been able to yet?

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