Day 11 – What’s inside my fridge….

Well, as a food addict in so many ways, this should actually be a fun writing challenge. Not sure how i’m going to stretch it out as at the moment, it’s pretty empty. I need to do shopping tomorrow!

Previous readers of my blog will probably know by now that I am obsessed with food. I love cooking, playing around in the kitchen, creating and experimenting and then sitting down and devouring a feast. I know that the man is less like that than me but I do love it when we get to cook and enjoy a meal together – something which currently is very rare due to different work hours.

Anyway, I digress, what is in my fridge?

I tend to have an almost constant selection of sauces/condiments and the like……currently this includes some lemon curd that I made, some microwave berry jam, some rhubarb and ginger jam my mum got for the man and our newest collection of chilli jams. I love a good condiment and these are frequently used at the moment due to the weather making us both crave toasties. Plus, I’ve found a bread which uses sustainable Palm oil which is amazing. I really missed bread whilst I was slimming so I do treat myself but am trying to remain strong and not slip back into my old habits!

So, jams and the like, what else? We’ve also got quite into our slow cooker at the mo – great for cooking when you can’t really be bothered and not sure if we’re eating together or not so I do tend to try and have a selection of veg for stews – currently suede, carrots, butternut squash and carrots but potatoes also work well. I think there’s some meat in there now, probably just some sausages to make sausage casserole so loads of onions and chilli sauce needed for that one I think.

I know that summer is better for fridge stuff to be honest, I love a good salad and try to have a really mixed choice ready for anything, be it, avocados, boiled eggs, spinach, asparagus, I like having a choice and I feel more likely to eat more good things if more good things are on offer…..this was my fridge week 1 or 2 of slimming world shopping. Safe to say, it doesn’t look like this right now!

in my fridge 2

So there we have it, just a short one today I think as I genuinely don’t have much I can say. Why not show me a pic of your fridge – especially if it’s full of fabulous things – I love to be inspired!




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