Day 12 – Favourite foods

This is a tricky one for me, I mean, a REALLY tricky one. I think genre or theme of food will be easier….

I am food addict *well, obsessive; I’m not sure if people would agree but I love food, I think about it, I plan my days around it, I have so many plans for dinner parties/food I want to make for people/things I want to try and play with and this tends to take up at least 80% of my life.

I’m happy to say that despite there being some things i’ve never experienced food wise, I have so many loves of food from around the world and those I will write a little bit about below. Probably broken down into areas of where they come from and I hope if nothing else, this might make your mouth water, or inspire you to try something new.

Also, if anyone has any good suggestions as to things to try/new directions for my food obsessiveness, please, do not hesitate to say. I love hearing about other people’s enjoyment of food almost as much as I actually enjoy eating!!

Both of my parents are really good cooks – my dad was a chef and mum I feel has the same food obsession as me! They make epic food – mum is the best at curries and dad makes superb food from all over the place – he’s great at pies and pastry stuff, I wish I could but i’ve got hot little hands and that for Pastry is never good!

Italian – I adore Italian food. I think probably if I had to give up all other foods and just settle with one, this would be it……maybe, possibly not. But having pizzas, pasta’s and of course, Gelato on offer sounds excellent to me! I’m currently obsessed with this restaurant in Southampton, lovely place to eat and spend some time and it’s somewhere I cannot allow myself to go often otherwise i’d be the size of a house!!

When I was doing my A levels I worked in a local Italian restaurant, I loved it. Despite the long hours, the rubbish pay, the stress of holding everything down at the same time but my favourite memories were from the end of the night, Mas (the chef) was happy to cook us all a meal to sit down and eat together or if it was a night I had other plans, he was great at doing me some pasta and bits to take to the pub – often swapped for pints, well, except the pasta carbonara he made, that was ALWAYS mine!

Ideal Italian Meal – Prosciutto and Melon, Carbonara and garlic bread and of course…..Pistachio Ice-cream.

Indian – Is almost the most comfortable food I’ve ever had. I’d happily become a veggie if this was the only food I could eat, I do love veg and the variety of bits and bobs you can try here are simply divine. I am such a lover of flavour, the thing with curries is you can have differing temperatures for them but for me the overriding thing of focus is the taste. There are a huge variety of tastes, textures and cooking styles which mean that I don’t think I could ever be bored!

I’ve always fancied a trip to learn how to properly cook Indian food but I know that the food I eat from takeaways is probably very different to actual Indian food as it is eaten over there. I suppose the joy from a takeaway is being able to travel the entire country and then pick and choose.

Ideal Indian Meal – Vegetable Samosas, Bhindi Bhaji (ladies fingers), Saag aloo (spinach and potato), Samba Daal (this is a daal made by my local takeaway, it’s full of lentils and veg and it’s super hot which I adore) and then for dessert? Hmm, maybe just more of the same?

Spanish – When we moved to Spain, I was already aware of the standard spanish fare, but I learned so much while I was there and there’s been some recipes I’ve been introduced to which I adore and there are others which if I never had to eat them again I’d be completely fine with!

Lenteja is one of the meals I now adore, it’s a warming lentil stew, often cooked with potatoes, pig knuckles (I use chorizo) and amazing bursts of warmth and comfort. It is a real classic for me and something I feel i’m going to be tinkering with for years until I get a recipe I know is foolproof!!

The thing I found most bizarre when eating out in Spain was the lack of veggie/vegetarian options, apart from salad or weirdly, tinned veg. I used to love Salad about 75% of the year but seriously, even in Spain, salad doesn’t cut it in January!! It was a pleasure when I came back to the Uk to be able to get loads of variety and ok, I know a lot of it comes from Spain but I never thought I’d get better veg options in the UK – i’ve been spoiled obviously!!

Ideal Spanish Meal – Gambas Pil-Pil or Lenteja, Pollo con Vino de Competa (a local wine which was produced in our Village) and then hmmmmmmm, crema catalana, which is very much like flan but has burned sugar on the top. It is simply superb!

English – I think finally I should talk about all of the foods that I adore from this country, that i’m obsessed with or for the love I have of these as far as I’m concerned, ultimates in comfort food.

There’s so many things that I love, cottage pie, stews, roasts (oh the mighty roast) steamed puddings, cheese, pasties, cereals and the like, as you can see, a huge variety and probably not much that can be considered healthy.

I do very much love cooking and using my Pressure Cooker and Slow Cooker so a lot of the above tend to be staples in my household. We’ve been experimenting with chilli con carne recently but I have a hankering for a good old cottage pie, some veg and gravy. Sounds good now that the weather is becoming more wintery!

So what about you? If you had to decide on a favourite food, meal or something like that, what would it be?



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