Day 20 – Where do I see myself in 5 years…

Well, i’ll be 40 for a start so officially old!!

Sorry, just my little joke as my best friend, my love and my brother are all much older than me so I like reminding them of that fact, mean yes but it amuses me so tough!!

I’d like to think myself and the man will still be together, in our own little place with a garden (rented, not purchased as unless there’s a lottery win, we’re never getting on the property ladder) maybe a pet, a man cave, full book shelves, lots of games and a lot of happiness. My family will hopefully all still be healthy and happy. My friends being happy and settled in life – to be fair, most of them are already but i’d like to know that the people who I care about are happy.

I’d like to travel more and be more comfortable with the person I am, I know I feel more comfortable now than say 5 years ago so I’m hoping as I continue to age, I get more confident, more loving of myself as opposed to how I’ve been in the past. It’s not an ego thing, more of an acceptance that this person is the person I am and overall isn’t too bad a person. I mean, I know i’m not a great person, there’s a lot of anger, sarcasm and envy in me but I do try to be a good person, I hope to leave the world a better place for having had me in it I suppose……..fingers crossed anyway!

This is such a tricky one for me, I mean, there are things i’d like to have done, (see 40 for 40 list…..)  and to be honest, I keep seeing more things I’d like to do but actually want to finish what I’ve planned before setting myself even more ridiculous tasks – speaking of which, if there are any things on my list any of you readers can help me achieve, please let me know….I’m struggling with some of these and need as much help as I can get!!

I think this’ll be a short one today because as far as i’m concerned, life is ok at the moment, pretty good in fact so maybe I should be happy with that as opposed to wishing my life away, Nothing is ever guaranteed and I’d like to just focus on the positives and the time I have instead of missing out on actual life due to being too obsessed with that I am aiming to do at some point.

I suppose that this isn’t the most fascinating bit of writing from me but at least the brief has been filled, sort of.



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