40 for 40 list…..

40 by 40 list……

As a challenge to myself and to give me some ideas of things to do in the future, I have decided to challenge myself to do 40 things BEFORE my 40th birthday.

They may not be life changing or in fact really “out there” but I’d like to think there’s things to keep me occupied and active for a while.

  1. Amsterdam with Stuart
  2. Paris with dad
  3. Learn to drive
  4. Keep up the blogging
  5. Take some dance classes
  6. Silent disco at the Natural History Museum
  7. Adopt an orang-utan
  8. Hogmanay
  9. Attend a gaming convention.
  10. Read a new book a month – and review it.
  11. Get to the Discworld Emporium
  12. Scuba dive a wreck or reef
  13. Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant
  14. Visit to Competa
  15. Get a henna tattoo
  16. Enter an eating contest
  17. See Eddie Izzard in stand up
  18. Make twitter nicer – #PratchettPostal
  19. Visit Germany
  20. Boudoir shoot
  21. Move house and set up house with S.
  22. Complete my Discworld jigsaws and get them framed.
  23. Complete at least a half marathon.
  24. Have a walk with Dean.
  25. Do some pallet furniture for the garden
  26. Spend more time in Prague
  27. Trampolining
  28. Do at least 1 30 day gym type challenge
  29. Zip wire 
  30. 100 books for hashtag PratchettPostal
  31. Mile challenge – 50 per month minimum
  32. Learn to dance in heels
  33. Go dancing in the rain
  34. Get out to Poole Quay to see the fireworks
  35. Outdoor cinema
  36. Enter another tv quiz – the chase or pointless with my pointless friend
  37. Become a better penpal
  38. Free Hug Day
  39. Throw a beach party
  40. Learn to make dough and make my own pizzas – including shaping the dough 😉

Wish me luck!!


++++edit 08012018 – so far I have done a couple of these – dancing in the rain, zip lining and adopting an orangutan. I have also seen the fireworks at Poole Quay and got more into both blogging and running. I am learning to drive (slowly) and feel like that’s something to get Done this year (i’m hoping anyway)


++++edit18122018 – ok so the year has gone well so far, I’ve gone to a couple of conventions now, spent the year sending out Pratchett books as part of #PratchettPostal – 110 at last count which is simply stunning, i’ve sort of started to prepare myself for next years challenges and am accruing more people into my penpal group. So far, so good!

Lots to do and look forward to 🙂

19032019 – I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!!! Not gonna lie, am feeling really good today :

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