Time = Creativity.

I’ve realised recently that despite not really loving the whole not seeing my family thing, isolation is actually something I really enjoy.

I’ve found that although my sleep pattern is completely off whack, i’m more creative, more imaginative, more up for fun. I’ve spent more time cooking and baking in the past few weeks than i’d say in the previous 6 months.

I’ve re-started cross stitch, starting small, building to bigger and I know what my next idea is, now it’s just a case of buying the threads and materials for it!

I’ve made some more bookmarks too. I’ve found they’re a nice little gift to send through the post, cheap to send but still pretty enough to show I care. I think i’ve sent one to most of the people I know who read, but i’ve still got a stash, so maybe I can look at this time as starting early for a home made festive time!*

*disclaimer, this seems like a possible idea now, pretty sure this won’t last!


Overall, I’m quite liking the way this is going.

The post has been an absolute godsend during this time too, I’ve been able to send letters and cards to friends too, and even got some lovely bits back from one of my Disc friends. I haven’t done any colouring for a while, but I’m sure these will be really fun!

So, I’m actually enjoying having found a bit more time to do some silly little things that I enjoy, it’s nice to take a step back and have a look at what’s fun and you now have time to do. Don’t see this as a punishment – I know it’s not easy – but this may be some of the most rewarding time you’ve had in years.

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