Board Games A Go GO

So, in the last few years, my partner and I have started playing board games.

We are both big fans of computer games and I know that he has always enjoyed games and over the last few years, we have really taken to the hobby.



Part of me has sort of decided to include my reviews/overviews of the board games we play, not sure if anyone would want to read about them but I thought for now, I’d do a little overview of the recent games we have played, add some pics and get your feedback.

If people want to know more, feel free to comment and let me know.

So, for this overview of gaming as whole, I probably won’t go into too much detail for each specific game. I mean, if you aren’t interested in the basics, then a lot of blurb and info about each one, would be just pointless but below is a little list of some of our newer/most popular games.


Obviously this game was a must for me, I was really lucky to be bought this a few Xmas’ back and it is still a very frequently played game. (i’m currently the champion – but it tends to swing between us fairly equally).

This is a game where each player plays a hidden character, each with their own winning conditions and the game progresses over a deck of cards with a huge array of familiar characters (one of the things I loved about this was reading the cards and seeing WHY the actions on them may actually be relevant to the character.) to help you both try and win, but also try and stop your opponents!

Pandemic – Pandemic Iberia and Pandemic Legacy.

As you can see, we’re fans of this series, and if you ever want to play a game where there’s no competitiveness, this co-operative series is BRILLIANT.

Working together, you are all characters with special skills to try and stop the spread and ultimately save the world from these new diseases before the spread becomes too much and outbreaks threaten the globe.

I was initially anti-legacy games, I mean, a game you can only play through once, then it’s done? Seems crazy, and the very idea of ripping up cards was something I could not do so our Pandemic Legacy still has everything with it. I’ll be honest though, I made us play 1 game a weekend, so the overall game (a year) probably took us about 3 months, so overall it’s a genre that while i’m not the biggest fan, I can see the fun involved.

I know some people may find this a little timely, or maybe even too on the nose, but sometimes, working together and pushing your luck together is a great way to get your mind off the state of the real planet – though when we looked at the size v population of some of the cities we’re saving it’s a little depressing and quite shocking.

A game I would recommend to everyone, one that can be a quick game, one where you can feel amazing, cocky and then completely destroyed within the turn of a few cards!

Architects of the West Kingdom.

This is such a great little game, a play on worker placement but again, a fun hour or so – we often taken far longer than the box time advises, but that’s because we spend far too much time trying to mess with each other as opposed to just playing the game.

This is the first in a trilogy from Garphill Games, we have now got the second and the third has been backed – god only knows when that’ll arrive! I still prefer this game option as the next game along seems a bit more focus driven – pick a thing and do it, and this still gives you the option to do so many things, even just collecting resource when trying to work out a strategy!

Deulosaur Island

This is a two player game, a version of Dinosaur Island where you collect and create DNA to build dinosaurs and increase your parks visitors and prestige.

I genuinely am obsessed with dinosaurs, and as soon as I saw this on Kickstarter, I decided I had to have it. The bigger game came with epic meeples but was also out of my price range so we got this scaled down, 2 person option, and to be honest, it’s really fun.

A relatively quick game where the 2 play means a lot of interaction and long term decisions….build a massive dinosaur and loose some visitors? Build a commercial business and get some more cash? The choice is yours but don’t forget, Nature always finds a way.

Ticket to Ride

ticket to

I say this is a modern day Monopoly, its a really simple fun and engaging game. Building train tracks following a set of tickets you pick and keep secret. There’s about 20 different versions as far as I know, including buses, undergrounds, stations and overall a good time.

I got this as a present at Christmas and surprisingly, it’s played quite often in our house. We’ve also talked about maybe introducing others to this, at least as a start and introduction to gaming.


I love this game so much!

The classic story of the struggle between journalists and the President of the USA.

A card strategy game with bluffs and hidden tiles, all in the name of breaking one of the biggest stories of the 20th Century.

As of yet, I have not played as the Nixon character, and the journalists seem to have the game swayed towards them but I’m looking forward to seeing this from the other side and maybe be able to change history!


So there we have it, not all our games but a fair selection of them, I’m always open to suggestions and if anyone local fancies a game or two, just let me know and we’ll try and sort something out when we’re all allowed back outside again.

My board games have helped me pass the time, found new talents, found things i’m bad at (i’m so clumsy, dexterity games will be my downfall, literally) and am enjoying this new hobby.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this read. I am hoping to start blogging again someday soon, more frequently anyway, I’m loving being at home and having more time on my hands so am hoping that this will translate into some writing!

Stay safe and sound everyone 🙂



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