Blind date with a book

I’ll be honest, I sort of love this idea.

I am fairly book obsessed as most of my friends know so during this lockdown i’ve been re-reading old favourites and was really happy to see, someone down the road was doing a blind date with a book box.


For those who’ve never seen this before, its a selection of books, all wrapped in paper with a short description for others to pick up and read – and maybe start one of their own.

I picked up a book from there the other day  -The Scarlet Letter, which I have read, but approx 20 years ago so cannot remember a huge amount, so i’m looking forward to re-reading and I think that this has encouraged me to do the same, not sure how popular it will be as this isn’t a very busy area for foot traffic but still, a free book at this time has got to be a good thing.

pratchett postal

I will (once lockdown eases) re-start #PratchettPostal hopefully, I do love the knowledge that I have sent over 200 books out to people around the world over the last couple of years and that i’m helping keep his name alive – if you’re new here, feel free to look me up on Twitter as this is where most of the Pratchett’s are sent from – also, if you want to get involved (as a couple of lovely others have done) drop me a line and we’ll work something out. I love introducing people to an author who has been so very importabnt to me but you don’t have to be a new fan, if you ‘re missing something from the collection, I will always keep an eye open for it.

“Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?”

i’m going to set up a box / shelf outside later on this week hopefully, and am looking forward to sharing some book love with the neighbours 🙂 I know someone I work with had actually set up a set of shelves outside their house

A friend of mine at work is now doing this, looks like her family has an entire bookshelf outside, which is a gorgeous idea – apparently someone was so excited for this they took all the books, and the shelving as well!!

Sadly, my effort wont be that large, but am glad to be part of something so nice, and if nothing else, it gives me a chance to hopefully spread a little bit of happiness during this time.

****update**** Obviously I’m working from home so a lady just came and grabbed a book, tapped on the window and said she had a bag full she was going to drop off at a charity shop, so she’s given me those to add to the box outside – how nice is that?


Have you ever read a blind date book? One where you knew nothing about it before you unwrapped it? I love the idea of this and am glad that somehow, despite the lockdown, despite the fear and sadness, people are still trying to keep others happy and share some love.

It’s the little things like this that make me think humanity isn’t all bad, not perfect, but not all bad.


2 thoughts on “Blind date with a book

  1. What a wonderful idea! Your #pratchettpostal got me back into those books and I now love them again! Wish I was within walking distance of you to take part but alas it’s a little too far. Keep inspiring 🙂

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    1. that’s such a lovely thing to say Donna, thank you 🙂 maybe once this madness is a bit calmer, then you can come and grab books – or feel free to add your own, i’m starting to ask the neighbours if they want to be involved, set up a little street library type of thing 🙂


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