Happy Happy playlist

I’ve seen (and been nominated) a lot of people doing the 10 album playlist while they are in quarantine and it’s sort of inspired me. I’m bad at chain letters – which is basically what it is – so decided instead of a list of albums, i’d share a few of the songs I have on my happy playlist.

I’ve started going for my walks most mornings between 4 and 6 am, it’s beautiful and calm and an extra bonus that I do not see ANYONE which is lovely. I mean, I miss people, (sort of) during this time but its nice to have the space to myself – I’m working on my lip sync game which is fun, and for once I’m not worried about being seen and judged!

I’ve had a happy playlist for years, mostly songs that make me smile, or remember certain events or even sad songs which bring me up, and make me feel strong. I wouldn’t say they’re all favourites of mine, but songs that make me happy and can help get me out of a funk.

These aren’t in any specific order, just as I think of them. I was going to add links but then realised i’d probably get in trouble for this somehow so if you’re interested, go have a search around!

No Diggity – A classic to start off with, I mean, who DOESN’T like this song? It’s funky, upbeat and makes me smile. Plus, it’s probably my favourite lip syncing song so enough said really!

Read you wrote you – This is a new-ish one for me, I am a big fan of Drag (Race and in general) and for the last couple of years have had the pleasure of going to DragWorld Uk for a weekend of fun, glitter, glam and amazing times. The first year I went, one of my closest friends Clare came with me, i’m so glad she did because, althrough the place is filoled with love and happiness, she actually made it even more fun. We started talking to a photographer while we were watching some live acts (he is also now a great friend and killer drag act) and when we bumped into him on day 2 we were chatting and were right next to the stage when this kicked in over the speakers and the winner of the show that year appeared on stage to perform for us – a very special and freaky fun moment!


World hold on  – I love this song, it’s such a summer song for me and at the moment, seems very apt! I have really vivid memories of dancing outside our house in Spain with my brother and his girlfriend Bird with this on a CD player using rubbish computer speakers. It was a really great few days spent with them and I miss them loads – having lived with them both for a few years when I left home, it was really lovely to see them and this song always brings a smile to my face.

Vogue – Another great song for early morning silliness! I love vogue-ing down a long corridor or straight road, anf this is again another great lip sync song. A song that is cheesy and classic all in one and definitely a good one to get me smiling and up in the mood for the day!

No Good (Start The Dance) – I am a HUGE Prodigy fan and their music from poppy acid fun to rave to heavier stuff has always been a big part of my life, they are one of the bands I’ve seen multiple times, which is rare for me because I’m not a big fan of live music. This song is just SO GOOD. I know that having a DJ as a brother, I was always lucky to have my requests played, however, this song was one that I saw them perform in Spain when I lived there, it was one of the most unreal yet fun times of my life and no matter where I am, if I hear this, I will dance to it.

California soul – this is one of the most completely summer songs I think I’ve ever heard, it makes me think of picnics, days at the beach and driving down country roads next to fields and the wind rushing through my hair….ok, that last part may be going a teensy bit too far but you get my mindset. A great way to keep the sunshine inside in the middle of winter!

Dance of the hours – ok, so if it’s classical, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but this is something which has stuck with me from childhood and if I’m ever in the need for a smile and something to transport to happier times, this is indeed the piece of music for that. I love classical music and I always use this as an example of how something which may not be your usual style might still turn out some magic!

I couldn’t do a list like this without using the Nine Inch Nails somewhere – but for me, it’s really tricky to pick one song from their back catalogue. Oddly, the saddest songs for me (the Downwards Spiral album) used to always be guaranteed to make me happy, possibly because they could break me out of my funk (?) but as i’ve got older, I’ve become more of a fun of the fun, slightly more cheery side, so Head Like a Hole or something from Pretty Hate Machine should be on here…..they’ve been a constant in my life for probably over 20 years now so there are so many options to chose from.

So from the looks of the news, the lock-down is starting to be eased, not gonna lie, I’m still going to be staying as safe inside as possible – given the pics of the crowded beaches in our local area, and also the infection rate in our county showing a spike I’m pretty sure it’s not 100% safe out there and I don’t want to put me, my loved ones, friends or even complete strangers at risk. Hopefully you haven’t had too hellish a time and you’re all safe.

Have you had similar Happy soundtracks – do you have a song that you only need to hear to make you smile? Share it below, I’d love to see what others have in their collections!!








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