What was the last thing you celebrated?

It’s been a while since we celebrated anything really special. I’m writing this before our anniversary of May 5th but we’re not really that type of couple, we don’t tend to do date nights or that kind of thing. I think we both tend to just spoil each other when we can, simply because we can.

I know it was our birthdays at the beginning of the year, we were taken for a lovely Indian meal in town by my parents. A long and filling lunch later i’m pretty sure we waddled home and then played some board games.

It’s been a bit of a trying year for my family really so I have a few big celebrations planned, but no real idea of when those will happen yet. I’m not a big fan of planning things though, I like the random more than the set up, so him coming home and suggesting we go and get chips and have a wander round the park or quay is more special to me than booking a table somewhere.

At the moment, given that I’m doing my upmost to stay at home and isolate, any kind of trip out together would be fun but i’m just going to have to get busy planning some fun times in the future.

I have been working in our garden since lockdown began, I should have been more organised and got more pots etc but we’ve made do with what we have and occasionally I harass the man into bringing home supplies – currently we’re growing potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, and have tried to start some peppers, some cucumbers and some onions. Am hoping that they wont all die but am just using scraps from the kitchen for the experiment – we shall see if anything grows but if anything does, no doubt i’ll be celebrating!

I would genuinely love to see my parents. Its been a couple of months and I know that’s not the worst thing – we lived in different countries for a few years so wouldn’t see them that frequently at all, but am worried about them both, and them keeping safe. I’m hoping that, if nothing else, I will go over there soon and just sit in their garden so that I can see them. I must be getting soft in my old age!

There’s a few different celebrations that I probably won’t be doing this year, for the last 2 i’ve attended Dragworld Uk and although there has been no news about it, i’m assuming it’s cancelled as it is normally held in August. I’m a bit gutted to not be going, but am happy to wait until things are a bit more organised.

A pair of my friends purchased a house before all this kicked off, am sure they are looking forward to actually being able to move! I’m just grateful we moved last year, I cannot imagine that if we’d still been in the 1 bedroom flat, either or us would be happy or for that matter still alive!! Having space is something that I am still celebrating.

I suppose I’m just hoping that sooner rather than later we will be able to meet up with loved ones, spend time and just appreciate that. I don’t really go out that much so a bbq in the garden with my friends / loved ones would be perfect – something simple, just to get to see people and be safe, that’d be perfect.

What about yourselves? got any out of lockdown celebrations planned? Please, share the love, ideas and stories, I’m aching to hear from other people!!


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